Using SIAM to Unlock Hidden Outsourcing Potential [Event]


Undoubtedly you have great talent in your organization, and all that’s left to do now is enable them to do what they do best. Service management is mostly about removing obstacles for staff and streamlining processes, so they add value to consumers and improve employee experience.

To speed up your organization’s learning curve and avoid costly mistakes, it’s always a good idea to check into existing methodologies and learn about industry best practices. One methodology growing rapidly in popularity is service integration and management (SIAM). SIAM helps organizations get maximum value from their external providers by providing a guide on governance, management, integration, assurance, and coordination across complex supply networks.

What is SIAM about?

SIAM isn’t a trendy thing to replace a methodology that is already running. Many SIAM models are built on ITIL, a framework for IT service management. SIAM extends ITIL to help manage processes like change or incident management across multiple suppliers. You might, for example, have found yourself in a situation where something is broken, but no one takes responsibility. The network provider says it must be the application, and the application provider says it must be hardware. SIAM will build on existing processes and roles, find interfaces that make sense to all, and improve communication and collaboration, rather than just tearing it all down to replace it with something else.

Sound interesting? You can learn a lot more by downloading the free SIAM resources that are available on the Scopism website.

Body Of Knowledge Book BoK Document SIAM Ecosystem Drawing PowerPoint Visio Boxes Concept Explanation Event ITSM Method Management System Tool Diagram
Simple view of a SIAM ecosystem

Articles are articles and books are books, but if you want to get some first-hand experience and hear from others in the SIAM practitioner’s community, it’s good to meet like-minded individuals at events. Scopism invites you to the Service North SIAM event on November 1st, 2018, in Manchester, UK. Listen to the speeches and network with the delegates during breaks. I am confident that you’ll be able to learn many exciting aspects from outside of your organization and see how others might have already solved the problems you are currently facing.

Learn more at the upcoming event

You can currently get a special early bird discount on the tickets for £99.00 until the 30th September too, so make sure to grab those now if you want the lower pricing. The event venue is just a short train ride away from Manchester International Airport. There will be a total of nine sessions and workshops to attend at Service North: SIAM Edition. The speakers are industry experts and globally known thought-leaders in their respective fields. To get a better idea of who is speaking and what subjects they are talking about in their sessions, you should check out the event’s agenda and speaker overview on the Scopism event website.

Audience LIstening SIAM Scopism Event Service North Management Professional ITSM Service Provider Conference Learning LIstening Group UK 2018

Insights from one of the panelists

We spoke to Martijn Adams, EMEA General Manager at 4me, who is one of the panelists at the event. 4me are the platinum sponsor for the conference and a leading vendor in the SIAM space. 4me has sponsored a SIAM whitepaper which will be launched at the conference, and the findings will be discussed during the panel session Martijn is participating in. During the last 15 years, Martijn has been completing service management implementation projects with many large organizations such as Groupe Danone, the European Union, and the HeidelbergCement group, among others.

We asked him, is SIAM just for big enterprises or would there also be a potential value-add for small to medium-sized companies? The feedback we got from Martijn Adams was the following, “Yes, there is definitely value for organizations of all sizes, and also from the public and private sector. SIAM can be well-tailored to fit your organization’s size and complexity. Today’s reality is that all organizations, big and small, work with multiple providers and the benefits of improving communication and streamlining collaboration are there for everyone to take.”

Sounds like something almost everyone could use to improve the interplay of teams and service providers, right? SIAM is a truly interesting approach to unlock potential in organizations as they exist today. So, grab your early bird discount now and register here.

Photo credit: The photos (1, 2) have been taken by Christopher Backholm. The graphics are based on the official SIAM Body of Knowledge.
Editorial notice: As the event has not yet happened by the time this article was prepared, the shown images are only of a conceptual nature. This article was developed with the help of and was sponsored by Scopism.

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