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Intel and Submer Collaborate to Develop Sustainable Cooling Tech for Data Centers

As smart cities are evolving with IoT making more connections, Big Data is bound to put a huge load on the servers across the world. While the globe explores various methods to process Big Data and its storage, Intel and Submer are going back to basics. The recent collaboration between the two tech companies brings to the market an immersive cooling tech for data centers.

The companies have co-developed the Precision Immersion Cooling Fluid Cloud for data centers using Intel Xenon-based immersion-optimized server boards. Mohan Kumar, an Intel Fellow, shared that recent cooling innovations have been helping organizations improve their energy efficiencies and achieve sustainability goals. In light of that, Kumar said that “Our collaboration with Submer will allow us to address all stages of the immersion cooling value chain and offer a sustainable solution that will make a difference for our mutual customers.”

Immersive cooling techniques

Heat can be brutal to the parts of a computer and can render a device useless. Global e-waste is predicted to be generated at the rate of 111 million metric tons annually by 2050. The Precision Immersion Cooling Fluid Cloud is a concept that aims at integrating immersion cooling into the architecture of an IT unit.

Overheating and finding creative solutions for cooling is one of the hardest challenges for data centers. Submer is aware of this problem and has been addressing this since 2015. Aiming to provide the “next-generation cooling and automation for data and energy-intense environments”, it was natural that they teamed up with a group like Intel to come up with the Precision Immersion Cooling Fluid Cloud. This involves using an immersion cooling technique that submerges the computer parts or a full server in a conductive liquid. The liquid known as a dielectric coolant will help transfer heat faster than air.

Precision Immersion Cooling Fluid Cloud
Image: Submer

Environmental promises

The collaboration of Intel and Submer to bring the Precision Immersion Cooling Fluid Cloud to fruition was built on Intel’s 2030 RISE initiative which aims to lead the sustainability of electronics by adhering to the needs of the environment and the climate globally. As part of their project, Intel continues to focus on deploying computing solutions such as edge and cloud computing to industries and create scalable ecosystems that meet the environmental needs across the world.

With that in mind, co-founder and CEO of Submer Daniel Pope hopes that this collaboration with Intel to create the Precision Immersion Cooling Fluid Cloud would create “the foundations for server OEMs and operators to have a clear roadmap to transform the data center industry and achieve a significantly reduced operational footprint.”

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