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The Best Locations for Data Centers [Infographic]

Data center buildings and new construction plans are popping up in many places of the globe. The demand for computing power and network infrastructure has never been greater than today. In the last couple of years, there have been many new data centers being built and finished around me in less than a mile of a radius.

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But next to my neighborhood, what are popular places for building new data centers? Arcadis has now revealed a report in which they rank the top areas for such plans. They calculated supply and demand factors, and naturally, this would be interesting data for operators and property development companies to assess.

Why do we need data centers?

Data centers serve many various purposes. No matter if you’re looking at enterprise use cases, online gaming, or just watching Netflix. In data centers, you can find networks to be connected in order to enable communication. They offer that sort of security, efficiency, and scalability that we rely on today.

What are the best locations for data centers right now?

So, there is a clear demand, and the trend is going up as well. But what are good areas for building new data centers? Check out the ranking by Arcadis below.

Arcadis Data Center Location Index Infographic
Image: Christopher Isak

Arcadis included much more detail in their full data center report, so if you are curious about the ranking positions past the 25th entry, and if you want to understand more about how they established their list, you can have a look at their landing page and download the PDF file with all its insights. You can subscribe to their newsletter, but no data entry is required upfront in order to access the PDF. In their full report, you can also read details about each of the areas listed and better understand their individual needs, strengths and weaknesses.

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