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IBM to Launch Cyber Threat Analytics Solution in the Cloud

ibm logo official high resolution png transparency City Medium typeface 1967 International Business Machines CorporationIf you are keeping an eye open in the sphere of InfoSec you might have noticed a trend in cyber attacks happening and therefore there is a growing demand in solutions that help prevent your company from getting hit by such attacks. IBM now has announced to bring their solution into the cloud.

IBM QRadar is one of the market leading Security Intelligence technologies out there and bringing this solution to the cloud will give companies the ability to quickly prioritize real threats and further allow them to free up critical resources to fight cyber attacks. It combines the benefits of preventive measures and reactive defense management.

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It is currently not unpopular with technology providers to offer their services via Software as a Service (SaaS) model and especially for this particular niche of software it absolutely makes sense to offer it along with optional IBM Security Managed Services to provide deeper expertise and flexibility for security professionals.

Jason Corbin IBM Director Product Management Security Intelligence IBM Security“Organizations are facing a security data tsunami that can overwhelm even the most sophisticated enterprise’s security program. Security leaders are telling us they want increased visibility through the cloud and control throughout their hybrid IT environments. The option of doing predictive analytics via the cloud gives security teams the flexibility to bring in skills, innovation and information on demand across all of their security environments.”
– Jason Corbin, Vice President, Product Management and Strategy, IBM Security

By utilizing IBM managed services along with the SaaS solution organisations are able to tap into a pool of many thousand great information security specialists stationed in Security Operation Centres (SOCs) around the world. These are available 24/7 and can operate just as you need them to and possibly even interface with your own IT department.

While the new offering is not quite disrupting to the market it should fill the service offering gap, that many organisations faced, who did not want to invest in own IT security related departments on their on premises. Leveraging managed services, the client organisations can concentrate on their core business and not become too dependent on IT operations. It goes without saying however that whether this makes sense or not is absolutely relative to each organisation and each business case. Managed services can be a great value-add but the necessity has to be thoroughly analyzed.

For more information, please visit http://www.ibm.com/security.

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