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Gumroad: Helping Creators Directly Sell to Customers

Social media constantly changes the traditional way of business. Almost every day, we come across new environments and apps that sell, produce, or make something easier for us. The utilization of social media is slowly shifting from traditional marketing to newer trends. These new channels can be seen as dysfunctional in the first place, but these are the places where the whole business process is carried out nowadays.

According to Digital Marketing Trends in 2021, the traditional methods are fading away and are replacing the ones with more individuality and personalization. For some applications, companies, and web services, this becomes easier than ever, as they constantly follow the trends.

Sahil Lavingia Founder Gumroad Startup

This new trend also challenges the traditional business models. Creator-to-Consumer (C2C) is a well-known model that has been used for many years, but new platforms like Gumroad challenges it. Founded by its CEO Sahil Lavingia, the goal is to help creators to sell their work without any interference.

Platform for creators

Gumroad is a platform that works in a create-share-win cycle for any creator. Although it is not a unique idea, it brings a new breath to crowdsourcing-based social sharing. The main difference it brings is that no mass source gathers in a single channel. Instead, it helps create a more direct way for creators to access potential customers with their products.

With that, Gumroad helps creators to present their work to a specified audience that they are searching for. It gives them the special tools to analyze their targeted audience and engage with them easily. In this way, by creating a profile and following the simple steps, any creator can find their audience.

Gumroad Film Example

Creators can sell any product and service on the website, from recipes to CSS extension lessons, and even their own content like movies, photographs, music, and more. Gumroad offers two different account types, which are free and premium. Getting a free account allows users to create and customize their profiles. This helps users immediately start promoting and selling their works. However, paying $10 for a premium account allows users to post unlimited works and access the tools that are not included in free accounts.

YouTube: Gumroad Founder Sahil Lavingia about Social Media + Content Creation

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Sources: McKinsey & Company / Sahil Lavingia

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