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Hydra Pulse: Making Every Water Bottle Smart

Have you ever thought about how much amount of water you drink every day? Are you taking the right or recommended amount of water each day? We all know that taking 8-10 glasses every day is your body needs to keep it hydrated.

However, most of the time we aren’t aware of how much amount of water they’re taking. Hydra Pulse can help you with that so you can stay hydrated and even remind you when it’s time to take a water break.

Hydra Pulse

Reminding you to stay hydrated

The Hydra Pulse is a device that you strap into your bottle and utilizes modern technology to work as a “hydration reminder”. The device can be charged using a USB cable and it’s very easy to use. You just need to set the timer and drink your water when the light starts to flash.

The great thing about this is that it is compatible with any kind of bottle. This makes the device very sustainable, avoiding any extra purchases on all kinds of water bottles. You can just use the one you have at home and strap the device onto it.

Hydra Pulse

Two versions to fit your hydration needs

There are two different types of Hydra Pulse to choose from: the  Lite and PRO versions. While both are compatible with any water bottle type, these two have differences when it comes to specs.

The Lite features multi-colored LEDs, adjustable timer, rechargeable micro-USB, and auto power/save mode. Meanwhile, the PRO has more features with Bluetooth, a daily water intake tracker, more LED patterns, and can set the timer using an app or device.

Water is a basic necessity for keeping our bodies healthy. So, make sure to not forget to drink and hydrate yourselves with the Hydra Pulse. You can purchase both versions on their website. The Lite version costs $34.99 while the PRO version costs $49.99.

YouTube: Meet Hydra Pulse- a Hydration Reminder

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