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COBI for Smart Biking

Nowadays, most of us just don’t perform that much physical exercise and that can be a bad thing, if you take into consideration the dangers such a thing brings to our health. In order to be healthy and have a better life, we need to perform workouts or run as often as possible, but if that is out of the question, then a bike is the best answer!

cobi-logoUnfortunately, many people tend to think that having a bike can be tedious, since you are pedaling all over again. If you are one of those persons, then the COBI device might just be the solution!

COBI is an upgrade for just about any type of bike and its main purpose is to make the riding process feel more active and rewarding.

The device allows you to fully integrate your smartphone within your bike and thus receive a web connected bike riding experience. One of the major features that we enjoy when it comes to COBI is the fact that you can access a very interesting and appealing navigation system that you will certainly enjoy. This navigation system is great if you are on the road and want to explore new regions without getting lost in the process, yet it can also show you shortcuts that you might enjoy taking if you want a faster route.

COBI provides a proximity sensor so the headlight will immediately open when you are near the bike, not to mention that once you start it will continue working, unless you shut it off, of course.

05-cobi-usecase-connect-ls_editedThe smartphone dock is not only created for holding your device, but COBI also allows you to charge your phone as well, an interesting and very useful function.

If you like listening to music while pedaling, then you will certainly be thrilled to hear that the device comes with a remote audio control feature that works seamlessly, and which doesn’t stray your attention from the road, something that’s very important.

With COBI, you can also keep traffic at a distance since it brings a neat automatic brake light, not to mention that it even has a turn signal that makes your bike more visible on the road.

These features really make the whole experience of riding a bike a lot more personal and interesting. Using COBI can literally transform you into the biker of the future, since you get every modern tech feature that you might need at your disposal.

Thanks to COBI, riding a bike is more than just enjoying a workout, since this unique device is seamlessly integrated into the bike riding experience. Nothing can be more fun than using a bike, and thanks to COBI you can take this to the next level!

In summary, this is a wonderful piece of engineering that’s not expensive to begin with. The COBI Kickstarter has just ended recently, but you can preorder your own or get in touch with the team at http://www.cobi.bike/.

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YouTube: COBI: World’s Smartest Connected Biking System

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