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Meet GuardBot: The Swimming, Rolling Camera Robot [Video]

They see me rollin’ – they lovin’ – at least I’d bet they’d be loving this: meet the GuardBot. Labeled as “Spherical Amphibious Robotic Vehicle Systems”, this little robotics innovation is a rolling, swimming, all-terrain robot ball with two cameras, one on each side. Once conceived as a possible solution for exploration missions on Mars, the GuardBot now might also solve some problems on planet Earth.

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On their website, they write, “The unique GuardBot robotic vehicle system can integrate advanced radio communication for command, control, and transmission via a variety of sensors including cameras, GPS, and audio.” What do you think about this cute robot ball? Almost like your own BB-8 from Star Wars, right?

YouTube: Footage and Report (CNN)

Photo credit: Guardbot Inc

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