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Meet GuardBot: The Swimming, Rolling Camera Robot Ball [Video]

They see me rollin’ – they lovin’ – at least I’d bet they’d be loving this: meet the GuardBot. Labeled as “Spherical Amphibious Robotic Vehicle Systems”, this little robotics innovation is a rolling, swimming, all-terrain robot ball with two cameras, one on each side. Once conceived as a possible solution for exploration missions on Mars, the GuardBot now might also solve some problems on planet Earth.

On their website, Guardbot Inc writes, “The unique GuardBot robotic vehicle system can integrate advanced radio communication for command, control, and transmission via a variety of sensors including cameras, GPS, and audio.” What do you think about this cute robot ball? Almost like your own BB-8 from Star Wars, right?

YouTube: GuardBot compilation

Photo credit: Guardbot Inc

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