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Graphics: Revisiting Integration in the Material Point Method [Video]

Graphic design is imperative for game development but equally so for modern video production and lately even for creating virtual influencers and models. The quality of graphics doesn’t just get better on its own. It’s the work of scientists who keep on researching, testing, and experimenting for the best possible ways to execute visual arts.

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In this featured video today, I want to show you something interesting that was highlighted to me. A team from the Tencent Game AI Research Center consisting of Yun (Raymond) FeiQi GuoRundong WuLi Huang, and Ming Gao published their results on a project site and released an interesting video with an explanation and examples of their work.

Thoughts from the team

On their page, they write, “The material point method recently demonstrated its efficacy at simulating many materials and the coupling between them on a massive scale. However, in scenarios containing debris, MPM manifests more dissipation and numerical viscosity than traditional Lagrangian methods. We have two observations from carefully revisiting existing integration methods used in MPM.

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First, nearby particles would end up with smoothed velocities without recovering momentum for each particle during the particle-grid-particle transfers. Second, most existing integrators assume continuity in the entire domain and advect particles by directly interpolating the positions from deformed nodal positions, which would trap the particles and make them harder to separate.”

YouTube: Revisiting Integration in the Material Point Method (SIGGRAPH 2021)

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Tencent.

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