Google Glass Returns for Professional Use and This Time It Might Stay


Once one of Google’s more infamous busts, Google Glass has made a surprise comeback – now part of the Alphabet substitute called X (former Google X). Years ago, the combination of eyewear coupled with Google technology seemed to be the stuff of dreams. Sadly, Glass’ sales didn’t pan out well.

Everyone already had a smartphone, Glass seemed redundant for most users at the time. To everyone’s surprise, this month, X announced the return of Glass. This time around they’ve found a way to keep it relevant.

A distinct niche

Despite its initial failings, X seems to have found a way to bring Glass back. One of the reasons why Google Glass first failed to create an impact was the reality that it had no distinct function. This time, Glass will be sold to Enterprise clients. The strategy for Glass has shifted from regular mass-market retail to businesses that maintain workforces that will potentially benefit from the product.

X claims that Glass is a hands-free device for a hands-on worker. And this seems to be a niche where it can provide tremendous value for clients. Is there a need to pull up schematics, checklists, training video, or a damage report? Glass eliminates the need for workers to leave their workstation or grab a separate device to check files.

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Is there a need for a more experienced set of eyes? Glass allows a supervisor or more experienced colleague to look at what is being worked on via a live video stream to provide quick and accurate insight. When not needed, it is unobtrusive unlike other devices such as tablets or smartphones.

A growing clientele

Glass’ enterprise model looks to be solid. They have numerous partners that work with them to customize the Glass software to suit the unique needs of clients.

As with other enterprise level products, they provide customer support and training to improve the product’s usage as well as smoothen any infrastructure integration necessary with the introduction of Glass.

Google Glass Enterprise X Company Alphabet New Release Version 2 Woman Working in Garage Engineer Shop

As of writing, Glass’ website lists a good number of clients. It includes corporate giants such as DHL, General Electric, and Volkswagen among several others. There are also some good medical use cases listed there, that talk about doctors saving a lot of time in their days by using this new Glass version.

Glass’ history as a product has always been shaky. It led to incredibly high expectations as well as equally great disappointments. Today, however, it does look like Glass is finally here to stay.

YouTube: Google Glass Enterprise Edition | Google Glass COMEBACK!

Photo Credit: All photos used belong to X and were taken from the Glass website with the permission of the X press team.

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