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Provide Live On-Demand Videos to Your Customers with Reach.Live

It is hard to separate business from technology nowadays. People are celebrating the convenience of having everything at the tip of their fingers and businesses are taking advantage of this to provide solutions to them. As such, business owners can reach more people to provide their products to. To support this, a business must use a platform that can support its needs.

Reach.Live is an all-in-one event platform that helps businesses reach their customers via live, on-demand video. The platform can help host a variety of live online events such as tech talks, product demos, webinars, office hours, recruiting events, and more.

Hosting live events online

The way Reach.Live works is similar to a video conferencing platform. While businesses can choose to conduct virtual company events here, this is mainly for reaching out to an external audience. The platform has features such as a live stage, interactive tools like polls, and also provides event templates.

The platform allows for users to customize based on their chosen logo and color scheme which helps make events a more unique experience for any business’ customers. What’s more, Reach.Live also allows users to explore what other events are happening around the world.

The most interesting part about Reach.Live is that it provides users the analytics on who attended their events. This information is valuable as it will tell businesses not only how many have attended, but also where they are from, how many visited the page, as well as other information that can help a business thrive.

With Reach.Live, businesses can connect more with their customers than ever. Here, they can provide a space wherein customers can ask about their product during office hours, have product demos, and take customers behind the scenes. It is also possible to host your webinars and engage more with customers.

Right now, people can always be found online, and businesses must be able to reach out to their customers wherever they are. Currently, Reach.Live is offering trial runs for free. For businesses that want to subscribe to this, the price starts at $199 for startups while enterprises will need to discuss further how they want to use the platform to get a quote.

YouTube: Host live and on-demand tech talks | Reach.Live

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