Dlodlo Introduced Their New VR Device Glass V1


dlodlo logo8-August, New York – Chinese VR solution developer Dlodlo introduced their consumer-grade VR glasses now in the Marriott Marquis in New York City. The more bulky looking Glass H1 is going to be succeeded by the new, more futuristic looking Glass V1.

The Glass V1 is relatively compact and lightweight in comparison to devices from manufacturers like Samsung or Oculus.

The Worlds First Consumer Grade VR Glass from Dlodlo

The 16mm-thick Glass V1 weighs 78 grams, provides 2400 x 1200  pixels resolution, 800+ PPI, 105° field of view and has a 90Hz refresh rate. A self-developed prediction algorithm further improves the usability of this virtual reality device, by reducing dizziness and helping to automatically correct distortion in the visual contents.

 Sales of the developer version of the Glass V1 will begin in September 2016 but a price has not yet been disclosed as of today. There is already a glimpse of the Dlodlo VR app store available on their dedicated micropage. Download for Android is already enabled and the iOS version is said to be arriving soon. The Dlodlo VR app store is stated to be also compatible with the VR solutions of other manufacturers like Samsung, Google or Oculus.

Overall it is a good development for the VR industry to have new contenders like Dlodlo scratching on the market caps of this niche. The more innovation is brought into the products, the more likely it will be for this type of technology to establish a spot for themselves in consumer entertainment and perhaps in B2B too.

Leadership opinion

“Dlodlo has been committed to getting more people to enjoy the ultimate virtual reality experience any time at anywhere. By integrating the platforms and resources in hardware, software, application, platform and community and through the VR glasses, we aim to create a complete VR ecosystem, Dlodlo World.” said Li Gang, CEO of Dlodlo.

About Dlodlo

Founded in 2013 in Shenzhen, China, Dlodlo specializes in design and development of VR glasses as well as VR platforms. It now has four product lines in H, A, V and X series. The company is dedicated to create a VR ecosystem to deliver a large quantity of video, game and application content. Dlodlo now has more than 100 employees in the branches office in China, US and Japan.

Product video hosted by Dlodlo

Photo credit: Dlodlo
Source: PR Newswire
Editorial notice: The quote and the “about text” has been provided as part of the official press release.

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