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Getting Rid of Silos and Ticket-Driven Request Queues [Video]

Today I wanted to share this Cisco DevNet video with you which is a recording from the DevNet Create 2018 event which happened around April in Mountain View, California. This presentation by Damon Edwards is about innovative approaches to reduce silo thinking and embrace new ways of working without ticket queues. DevOps, ITSM, Scrum, Agile and other modern practitioners of the craft might find this interesting. You can download all the slides here or check out more of their presentations here if you want to learn more.

If you’re not familiar with Cisco DevNet I recommend you to check out their website and the YouTube channel. They offer free training sessions on a lot of interesting subjects and programming languages/environments that matter today. I did a couple of courses there and learned a lot. Have fun!

YouTube: Learn ways to get rid of the silos and ticket-driven request queues (DevNet Create 2018)

Photo credit: The feature image “coding javascript” has been done by Christiaan Colen.
Editorial Notice: The feature image is not related to the event or the embedded video. After receiving feedback from Cisco, we fixed a link that was previously pointing to a suboptimal target.

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