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Using GeoPeeker To Load Your Website From Different Countries

I was just in the middle of testing how TechAcute would load and look from various locations around the world when I found the solution that I want to show to you today. Checking how a website would load and display from other countries has several interesting advantages. For instance, you could check the load speed, you can check differences with how the DNS resolves, or you could check if your CCPA (in California) or your GDPR (in the EU) compliance features work.

GeoPeeker Tutorial How To Guide Load Websites For Testing Screenshot
Image: GeoPeeker

Using GeoPeeker to test your website from other countries

So after checking a few rather lame proxy and VPN sites, I spotted this gem that proved to be useful to me right away. Also worth noting is that it doesn’t bust your screen with dubious ads, and it also provides a decent service in its free tier already. Not bad, right? So what is this tool? It’s called GeoPeeker, and all you have to do is enter the URL of the website you want to check. In the free tier, it would then load this website from six different locations, being Singapore, Brazil, Virginia, California, Ireland, and Australia. If you create an account you can do some more advanced tests as well, even if you are only in the free tier.

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Truth be told, GeoPeeker takes a while to load, but you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. So after a little bit, you can get different panes with mini browser viewports to check how your website loaded and even scroll through and interact with the elements. If you want some more features, you can also check out their pro and enterprise plans at $9 and $27 per month respectively. This would allow you to load more locations (Germany, Sweden, India, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada) and do some more tests like checking for different resolutions or connecting an API to the tool.

GeoPeeker Pricing And Plans
Image: GeoPeeker

Test results for free or get advanced features if you go pro

I thought this was a neat little tool, and it works right in your browser. There is no need to download anything, and the site is also free of spam, ads, and other things that you don’t need to show up when you want to get something down on a “work computer.” Certainly, GeoPeeker is something worth keeping in your browser favorites if you do web design or web development. If you can’t be bothered to visit their site right now, you can also check the video below, which is not in English, but you’ll get the idea, I’m sure.

YouTube: Demonstration / Tutorial for GeoPeeker.com

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Elnur. The screenshots in the body of the article are owned by the operator of the Geopeeker website.

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