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GEM Gets Best Social Network App Award for SELFEO, Readies Launch for New OHMOJI App

Garden City, US, December 22 — Giga Entertainment Media (GEM) announces that their social network app SELFEO has now been named “Best Social Network Mobile Application for 2017” by the Web Marketing Association. GEM doesn’t sit around idle either – they are also announcing the launch of the new OHMOJI app for early 2018.

SELFEO lets you visually express yourself in a unique way

As the name of this app suggests, you’re right to assume it has something to do with selfies. With SELFEO you can make use of various layout templates and present a video with an overlay from your smartphones front-camera. That way you can tell stories and show both yourself as well as showing your audience what you’re seeing and talking about without switching between cameras.

SELFEO also lets you cut and customize the content in a convenient way. But why does a video editing app get a social network award? With SELFEO you can also browse the content of overs and follow your favorite users. Stream yourself and discover stories from all over the world all in one app.


The app is currently only available on the iTunes App Store but is planned to be released on Android OS as well soon. Eddie Huey, GEM’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “We are delighted that user satisfaction of our highly successful SELFEO app has brought us to the forefront of social media apps worldwide. In this highly competitive social media environment, winning this award is a distinct honor and an acknowledgment of the dedication and ingenuity of our team, our partners, and our user community to make SELFEO the success it is today.”

OHMOJI planned to personalize emoji experience

With OHMOJI, GEM wants to break users free from being restricted to using static default emoji. Eddie Huey, GEM CTO, said, “GEM’s OHMOJI app allows users to customize and personalize the emoji experience by isolating their facial expressions as moving images and combining them with animated branded stickers. Users will be able to record their expressions for a wide range of emotions, such as excitement, laughter, puppy-eyes or even OMG!”

And you can already see where things at GEM are going in the future. If everything works out well they will combine the features of SELFEO and OHMOJI and improve the user experience and entertainment factor even further. A patent for what OHMOJI does is pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

YouTube: Selfeo 2.0 is Here!

Photo credit: Giga Entertainment Media (GEM)
Source: GEM press release
Editorial notice: Quotes have been provided as part of a public press release.

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