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xShüu: FashionTech Accessories That Allow Customization via App

xShüu focused on customizable “smart shoes” before but they have increased their portfolio to include other accessories now such as handbags and shades. When we go shopping many times we can’t decide which color or design to choose, or we want several different ones, but we can only buy one. If you love high fashion and tech, you will love this!

Back in 2015, we published an article about this fantastic and revolutionary tech shoes, the Volvorii smart shoes. Since they first appeared, these high heel smart shoes were a perfect combination of elegance and technology.

Just look at them, how fancy they look, and better yet, you can change the color and pattern design on both sides and front by tapping a button on your smartphone app. So you can create different combinations to match with your outfits, the base of the shoe comes in two colors, either white or black. You can change color using an app on your smartphone, through a technology known as E-ink, which some of you might know from the Amazon Kindle e-reader tablet.

These heels have a digital panel on the outside, with a battery hidden on the inside of the shoe, a circuit board, and Bluetooth technology that allows the connection with the app. The shoe battery is rechargeable via a USB port, which takes only 2 hours to charge fully and will last for weeks on a single charge.

Fashion tech accessories

xShüu (formerly iShüu) is the organization behind this beautiful technology, they have developed an electronic display technology that can be implemented on different accessories, and even on clothing items. With which you are able to change the color and pattern designs from an app on your smartphone.

The Volvorii Timeless smart shoes is were all started back in 2015. In these five years, they have added a few stunning items to their fashion techie accessories, let’s check them out.

Let’s start with the Volvorii Career +, a handbag, looking as fancy as the high heels. This handbag is the perfect accessories for going outside without worrying if it will match your outfit as you can match it yourself with the touch of an app.

As if this were not enough, they have also released a pair of sunglasses that you can customize their frame, the Volvorii OPTI. We can say that this are high fashion tech accessories that anyone that loves technology would be glad to try out. The base of these accessories comes in either white or black. The option to customize surfaces is very interesting to many and we might see more of that sort of solution in the future.

And last but not less, their technology also works on car surfaces so that you can create an exterior/interior car customization. It works the same way that with the other accessories, you can customize the interior and or exterior parts of your vehicle with the app on your smartphone thanks to the E-ink technology. You can find more information about the pricing on these items on their website.

Photo credits: The feature image is a still frame from one of the presented videos and it’s owned by xShüu.

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