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FORMART 2: The Modern Vacuum Former for Molding

Vacuum forming is an age-old technology, where a thin sheet of plastic is heated to make it pliable. The sheet is sucked over a shape, form, or mold, and the vacuum pulls the sheet towards the shape to replicate it.

While this does sound a little bit like 3D printing, one of the differences between the two is that you can recreate products at a faster rate. Because of that, vacuum forming can be pretty nifty for several things from packaging to designing 3D models, and even cosplaying. With that in mind, My Yard Tech offers this with their product, FORMART 2.

The FORMART 2 is the newest version of their vacuum forming line and is an industry-grade smart vacuum forming device. The device brings your creativity to light with a fully automated experience using state-of-the-art suction control, patented heating, and cooling technologies. It’s also easy to use from the comforts of your home. All you need is the imagination to create.

Image: My Yard Tech

My yard, my rules

My Yard Tech first introduced FORMART 1 during CES 2020 and was very well-received in Asian markets. This year, they want to build on the tech of the electronic devices they make by including “advanced heating, real-time temperature sensing, and industrial-level suction control technology” for the FORMART 2.

The company is committed to using recycled and sustainable materials for its products. My Yard Tech also encourages everyone to use its eco-friendly thermoplastic sheets. They offer a range of eco-friendly plastics to choose from: they have Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), safe for contact with food and beverages; High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), for creating storage trays, cosplay props, etc.; Polypropylene (PP), safe for making microwavable food containers; and Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU) for making electronic device protective gear, or handmade soap molds.

Image: My Yard Tech

Popular tech and DIY YouTuber Naomi “Sexy Cyborg” Wu demonstrates using the FORMART 2 to make her costume. In her video, Wu used a 3D-printed mold of her breast with the sheets provided by the company to create a cyborg look for herself. Wu expressed her enthusiasm for the product, saying that “I’ve only had it a week and I don’t know how I managed without it!”

The Kickstarter campaign for FORMART 2 is successfully backed, reaching 2,500% beyond the funding goal received. Right now, the shipping of the products is scheduled to be in September. If you want to get an idea of the price and what’s in the box, their Super Early Bird Full Pack is priced at $1,799.00 which includes 30 HIPS sheets, 30 PET sheets, a maker kit, and craft tools along with the device. Although the price point is a bit steep, you can be sure to get quality results out of this vacuum-forming tool that can bring your creations to reality.

YouTube: Kydex Bra Vacuum Forming With The FORMART 2 (Naomi Wu)

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Source: Amanda Lim (CosmeticsDesign-Asia)

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