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Face Changer: Building a Personal Countermeasure against Biometrics [Video]

The tech stacks that learn who you are and what you feel are on the rise. Many people already feel a privacy disruption from traditional CCTV cameras but if they are hooked up with facial recognition, machine learning, and people directories, this gains a whole new dimension. Not everybody wants to be read-out like a piece of data, but what could you do to protect yourself from that?

In this clip, you can watch maker Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu building a proof of concept for a device that is able to prevent biometric scanners to identify you or calculate your emotion based on your expressions. You can find out more about the technology here on arxiv.org and of course consider subscribing to Naomi if you like the things she is building.

YouTube: Face Changer – Biometric Countermeasures Based on Traditional Chinese Opera

Photo credit: The feature image is a frame of the showcased video and owned by Naomi Wu.

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