You Can’t Turn Back Time but You Can ‘Flip’ Your Alarm


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Lexon is a French company that focuses on product design. They’ve been in the business of building innovative products for 30 years now and have received more than 180 awards for their designs. The latest addition to their portfolio is the Flip Premium alarm clock.

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Earlier today we were informed about the latest design by Lexon and it’s as simple as it’s useful – exactly what you’d expect from a good design. In a nutshell, it’s a bedside alarm clock that can be turned on and off simply by flipping the whole thing around. Technology can’t get much easier than that. Let’s have a look at the product in detail.

What’s the Lexon Flip Premium good for?

The Lexon Flip has received multiple design awards already and now it’s available in a new premium version. The material was coated with an aluminum finish and it’s available in the colors alu, black, blue, and gold. Two additional colors, which appear to be a red and brown tone, will be available later on. The Flip Premium also comes with a bright LCD display as well as a sound sensor which will make the display light up automatically.


So what’s the signature function of this alarm clock? That would be of course the flip function. I get it, some people simply use the alarm clock at the same time day by day throughout their life and that’s totally fine of course.

Lexon Flip Premium Alarm Clock - Front View Black
Image: Lexon

We all have different lifestyles and technology as well as good design is there to improve our life quality and not add hurdles. So to all those who might be freelancers or work on different days of the week, you can simply turn the Flip Premium around on the other side and the alarm will be switched off. Flip it over once more and you’ll get the alarm as usual. Not sure if it’s currently on or off? Well, the huge letters ON and OFF on each side will clearly let you know. Simple and fun.

Lexon Flip Premium Alarm Clock - Rear View Alu
Image: Lexon

I’m not a fan of one-time-use batteries either, so I was happy to read that this product comes with a rechargeable and long-lasting battery. You can charge it up using a USB-C cable, connected to a standard USB port for power. Even better if you have a modern power socket in the walls that come with USB ports built in.

Flip Premium – Technical specifications

For all the tech lovers who always want to know the specs, just like I do, please find some more details below.

  • Battery life: up to 3 months
  • Battery: Rechargeable via USB-C (cable included)
  • Material: Aluminium / PC
  • Suggested branding: Silkscreen – digital printing
  • Dimensions: 4 x 2.5 x 1″
  • Weight: 8.04 oz
  • Carton: 40p/225.753 oz

If you want to get a Flip Premium, they are currently available for an MSRP of 49.99 USD. There’s no video footage available yet of this latest model but if you want you can check out the clip below for some scenes of the Flip and Flip Travel.

YouTube: Clip of the regular Flip and Flip Travel

Photo credit: All media shown is owned by Lexon and was made available for press usage.

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