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Need a Reliable Alarm Clock? Check the CubieTime!

For me, getting up in the morning is the hardest part of the day. It could be so stress-free if you’d just wake up early and do everything peacefully.

But not, you hit the snooze button again and again and again. I do that really a lot. And then I’m also very concerned with the reliability of my alarm clock.

Will it work? Sometimes it did not for me and it caused major issues. So since then, I set up multiple devices. Other people set their alarm clock out of reach, so they’d need to get up to clear the alarm in the morning.


Setting the alarm on your smartphone can work for you, but then there could be issues with the software or it shuts down for whatever reason. Also, you might grow to hate your phone because it now wakes you up.

I know that there are some occasions in life for those you just can’t be late. That’s why I researched for reliable alarm clocks. Funnily enough, that’s more difficult than you’d think. Even a very expensive device doesn’t automatically mean that it’s reliable.

Finally a reliable alarm clock?

After roaming the Internet I came across the CubieTime by Brandstand, from Richardson, Texas. Interestingly enough, Brandstand builds products for hotels to outfit their rooms primarily. Hotels as well have an interest in clients waking up in time, so they don’t clash with the clean team and check-out time. Hotels also care about durable products, as they don’t run tech-refresh projects every other year in their rooms.

The CubieTime alarm clock is available in black and white for about $57.99. The product design feels a bit clunky, but I also felt it was a very “techie” look. It worked for me. If you’re a music person, you could also consider the slightly more expensive version with a Bluetooth speaker.


The display is large and the time display is very crisp. There are three dimmer settings to choose from as well. You can really tell the that CubieTime was built for hotel rooms but actually most of the features are also benefits to your own bedroom. You can plug your reading light power plug into the plug of CubieTime, so you’ll only use one wall socket. There are also power and USB sockets on the alarm clock itself.

This alarm clock also uses two AAA batteries as backup. So for the unfortunate event of a blackout in the middle of the night, your clock won’t be affected by that and will still wake you up in the morning. Beyond that, it also has an inbuilt power surge protection.

What’s your favorite alarm clock? I’d love to know your opinions. Drop us a line below in the comment section!

Photo credit: Brandstand

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