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Fetch Robotics Design Autonomous Cleaning Robots

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Automation is one of the most used technology by companies around the world to make their production faster and more efficient. As COVID-19 struck worldwide, the need for automation increased to avoid the risk of infection within employees working in factories, warehouses, and other industries using manpower. Ecommerce is the best example that uses autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to effectively process all fulfillment processes accurately and efficiently.

A company that specializes in cloud robotics and automation called Fetch Robotics is working tirelessly to create and design AMRs to properly manage demands as more people switch to online shopping for essential needs to avoid going to populated areas such as shopping centers and supermarkets. However, there is still a risk of infection as packages are being handled by humans before it is handled by AMRs for delivery.

So Fetch Robotics designed and developed two cleaning AMRs that can help clean and disinfect areas that are highly used or utilized by humans. These automated robots are the SmartGuardUV and Breezy One.


The SmartGuardUV is a disinfecting AMR that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect public areas like shared workspaces, public offices, laboratories, and other areas. Fetch Robotics and Piedmont National have worked together to develop this AMR that is effective in disinfecting viruses such as COVID-19, Ebola, and Influenza.

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The SmartGuardUV uses PURO Lighting’s UV Pulsed Xenon system which is powered by Violet Defense Technology. The PURO UV lighting has been validated to kill up to 99.9% of Norovirus. PURO is a company that manufactures UV lighting for disinfection purposes. They partnered with Violet Defense so they can utilize exclusive patents and technology to help kill viruses in the industrial, commercial, and even home spaces.

The SmartGuardUV can be programmed to roam around your chosen area for disinfection. You can also schedule the disinfection using a mobile device, a computer, or a system that can manage the process at any time throughout the day, whether it’s during or after work hours.

It also has motion sensors that activate when it comes in contact with obstacles to avoid accidents or avoid accidental exposure to harmful UV light for employees. The Pulsed Xenon Light system is tracked by the 4SITE cloud-based platform which keeps track of the AMRs overall performance during the cleaning process. The SmartGuardUV has an 8-hour operation, it is self-charging, and has motion sensors for autonomous operation during the cleaning process.

Breezy One

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Breezy One is a fogging AMR developed and designed with Build With Robots to disinfect large-scale facilities such as warehouses, factories, airports, and distribution centers. It uses an EPA-registered disinfectant that has been tested by 9 government agencies and 10 independent laboratories. It effectively disinfects about 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, and spores that can cause diseases that are fatal to humans like COVID-19.

It will only take about 1.5 hours for the Breezy One unit to disinfect a 100,000 square foot area. This is an efficient way to cover all areas of a facility and make sure that all staffs are safe while tending to their daily routine. It is programmed with a cloud-based AMR technology which navigates and maps through obstacles and people around the facility.

These AMRs are a big help not just to the e-Commerce industry but also to other facilities and companies where people work. As the pandemic continues to be a threat to our health and safety, Fetch Robotics and other companies are trying their best to look for a solution to make our daily life safe and easy.

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