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DreamGlass Air: A Portable AR Private Theater

We live in an age when science fiction meets reality. This has brought on several technological advancements that continue to improve our productivity, from 3D printing to virtual office meetings.

These improvements have also affected the way we consume entertainment. Graphics are being made in finer detail while entertainment systems are getting better over the years.

Recently, Dreamworld AR has added to the ranks of companies that bring tech and entertainment to a whole new level. They are introducing the DreamGlass Air dubbed as the “First Portable AR Private Theater” in the world.


Bringing your own AR theater

You might be thinking, “But how is this any different from devices like Google Glass or other VR headsets?” While all these devices may seem like the same thing, the DreamGlass Air mainly sets itself apart with its AR capabilities and its affordability.

The glasses boast of providing an IMAX experience with 2.5k resolution and a 90-degree field of vision for your viewing pleasure. If you’re worried about audio, don’t worry; you can plug-in or connect your own earphones via Bluetooth.

The DreamGlass Air allows for AR experiences of whatever you’re viewing from your device. This includes mobile devices, laptops, or even consoles. The device is mostly compatible with any media source; just imagine watching or playing games using this.


The best thing about this is that you will be able to view the multimedia only if you’re wearing the device. This also means that you will be the only one capable of seeing whatever is on your virtual screen, maintaining privacy even while in public. You can even work on creative projects on the go with these glasses without worrying about others looking over your shoulder.

The DreamGlass Air weighs around 5oz so it’s easy to carry anywhere. For those who have prescription glasses, you can still wear them even with the device on your face. The device also has a 5-hour battery life, plus you can reverse charge your phone with it if you absolutely need to. All you need to do for the glasses to work is to connect them to your chosen device and enjoy.


The glasses are available for Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC, Mac OS, and even FPV for Drone. Currently, the DreamGlass Air is being kickstarted, beginning at a discounted price of $269.

YouTube: DreamGlass Air – A New AR Way To Experience Entertainment

Photo credits: All images used are owned by DreamWorld and were provided for press usage.

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