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CoSleep App Icon Free DownloadThere are some people out there who enjoy falling asleep to atmospheric sounds. Some like white noise, others like ocean waves or a crackling fire. There are many kinds of noises that people feel comfortable with. The app Co Sleep is a beautiful and useful toolbox to allow you to play sound loops in a combination that you personally enjoy. If you came here from Google, looking for articles about co-sleeping with your baby, I have to disappoint you, but you yet might find this app to be useful.

Sleep with cozy, soothing sounds from Co Sleep

Co Sleep by XinChao Technology comes with neat , cute and modern UI. Even though it’s mostly in Chinese, the app recognizes non-Chinese users quickly and offers English text to help you navigate. This won’t help you much participating in the Co Sleep app community, but it will enable you to fully use the app without any penalties for not understanding Chinese.

Co Sleep App Screenshots

It’s also nice that the app is free for you. Sometimes when you start the app, they trigger an ad to be displayed, but you can just hit the X to make it go away. I have tested Co Sleep for a couple of nights now on Android and was quite happy with is. You just open it up, and if you’re already too tired to create a new sound combination yourself, you can have a look at the combinations that are currently trending with the community.

It works a bit like a micro social network. You can also comment and give away likes, but it’s mostly Chinese. And yet, I feel okay about that because you can just listen to the noise combination and decide for yourself if you feel it and if you want to fall asleep to that.

More freedom of choice with customizations and features

So what are these “combinations” all about? Basically you can use Co Sleep to mix a total of three noises together. You can select those three loops out of a vast library from which some might be obvious, and others like the sound of someone eating cucumbers are rather special and curious. They are still adding new sounds in too every once in a while. In summary, however, I feel really relaxed after setting up my scene of noises and adjusted all the sounds in a mixer. You can even change the speed of the loops a little bit if you feel something is happening too fast or too slow. All of that does not damage the overall sound quality of the noises.

CoSleep App Screens Demo Review Free Sleep Noise Machine Loop Generator

This app has a lot of functions and is really worth checking out in my opinion. Per default all the playback is timed to run only for half an hour, anticipating that you don’t want to have it play through the whole night, but you can also change the timer or just let is play indefinitely. If you’re using the Co Sleep app with a headset, you can also try out their 3D function to position the stereophonic position of the noises. There are even guided meditation courses and guides to fall asleep. Quite interesting and complex for a free app if you ask me.

Even if you don’t use the app for falling asleep, I thought that it’s a great toolbox to create a rich background for telling your kid’s storytime. Prepare a wood scene with birds chirping, wind rushing through the trees and howling wolves for some fairytales or set up the sounds of a busy harbor with seagulls flying, dock workers working, and the sounds of sailors working on a ship, for some adventurous pirate tales. This is just my personal idea of how you could use the Co Sleep app beyond its intended use.


What do you think? Just give the app a try for a couple of nights and see if you have a good time falling asleep and dreaming. Did you already try this out? I’d love to know about your experiences. Share your thoughts below in the comments!

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Photo credit: All images used are owned by XinChao Technology, the developer and publisher of Co Sleep.

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