CoSend: Creating a Social Media Scheduler Under Your Brand


With social media being increasingly influential in advertising and attracting customers, companies need to find a way to tap into that power. That’s why there are many specialists and companies out there today whose offerings consist of solely social media services and management.

However, it takes time, effort, and budget to build social media solutions in a way that gets results. The solution offered by the British startup CoSend is a social scheduler that you can make into your own branded tool and sell to your own clients, in turn helping them grow their presence and outreach online.

A white-label social media solution

Founded by Scott Bowler in 2017, CoSend is a white-label SaaS solution. That means that it allows you to take the solution they’ve produced and launch and sell it to others under your own brand. This solution takes care of all updates, infrastructure, and management at the back-end, which entails features like:

  • A calendar that allows the end-user to view their schedule and ensure their social media channels are filled with content weeks in advance.
  • A dashboard where end-users can monitor and analyze the performance of their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels with an export-to-PDF feature and automatically generated e-mail reports.
  • A unique customizable media library with access to over 2m premium images. A representative of the company confirmed to me that they come from Unsplash, which makes them royalty-free. The visuals can be instantly added to end user’s social media posts, thus increasing engagement.
  • One-click access to industry news lets end-users pull articles and share them on their channels, allowing them to establish their standing as thought leaders in their field.
  • A post-scheduling feature that plans posts for weeks, months, and years. This publishing strategy allows for categorizing and customizing content.
CoSend Creating a Social Media Scheduler Under Your Brand
Image: Alvaro Reyes / Unsplash

The data obtained from CoSend allows the clients to analyze the relevant trends, gain a better understanding of their audiences, and adapt their future content accordingly. This also helps users identify how much engagement they get on each of their platforms and identify what works best for their audience.

CoSend’s representative confirmed to me that the solution is hosted on their own servers. The users don’t need to install anything. Their customers would set up their own system and manage it through their white label admin area. Their end users would then register and use the system “in the same way they’d use Buffer or Hootsuite”.

It appears that social media, customer engagement, and content management solutions are on the rise. That’s no surprise since companies are recognizing social media’s importance in client relations. Outsourcing it to providers like CoSend allows them to spend more time on other things like product development and optimization.

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Mapbox. The image in the body has been taken by Alvaro Reyes.

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