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CorrActions: Correcting Human Error with Neuroscience Tech

We are all aiming for accuracy in whatever we do. Whether a simple task at home or a complicated job at work. There is no place for errors because errors typically bring negative results. However, errors are inevitable. Even if you exert an extra effort to erode these mistakes, we can never avoid them. Therefore, it is necessary to have corrections.

As humans, we naturally commit mistakes. Several factors contribute to our mistakes; our attitude, body conditions, etc. But, as technology advances, more creations are introduced to supplement the performance of humans. One of these is CorrActions, a company that aims to mitigate human error with AI.

Autocorrecting human error

CorrActions markets itself as a company that provides technology that can read the human mind. Its proprietary algorithm-based platform boasts that it can detect an error at 150 milliseconds before a person’s lack of focus or troubled mind creates an undesirable action.

This software-based platform can be used in any product with human-machine interaction, covering most, if not all, kinds of tech that you already have, from vehicles to mobile phones. When our brain is inattentive, CorrActions will respond quickly and alarm the brain to back to alertness to do the right action instead of getting into an accident.

In the case that you’re driving and you are under the influence of alcohol, there is a greater chance of an accident especially when your body and mind are tired. But, with the aid of CorrActions, our brain will be monitored closely. Of course, we don’t suggest that you drink and drive, but in the case that you get yourself in that situation, the system may be able to help you avoid any unwanted accidents for you and others. 

The way CorrActions’ AI works is that it can monitor motion via human touch, identifying a human’s cognitive state from the brain’s early error detection signals. The system detects the error, quickly translating that signal to the mind allowing the brain to recover and come back to its consciousness. This preventive technology is designed to read all this information to consequently correct a person’s wrong actions before they can create a mishap. 

Imagine a world with fewer accidents, lives will be saved and damages will be minimized. Think of the possibilities you can do with CorrActions. Not only will the system avoid any accidents, but it can also help in having higher production rates; even editing text can be a lot smoother with the tech. This can all be possible just by minimizing human error.

YouTube: CorrActions Concept Video

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