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Cook Anywhere with the Sun and SolSource

Surely camping cookers and mobile grills are no news but the SolSource device by One Earth Designs give it all a new environmentally friendly twist. They capture and concentrate sun light to generate heat. Interesting!

Design and conception

This design is as elegant as it is efficient. The SolSource product consists of different parts that all add to the solution of cooking with sun rays. There is a frame that keeps everything together, a sunlight collector that looks much like a satellite dish and a tripod that adds to the stability of the setup.

We are not talking about a solar-powered solution here. There is no intention to use the solar energy to turn it into electrical current and then power a heating system. It’s even simpler than that if you will. The collector “harvests” heat and emits it in a focused, yet indivisible, beam. The beam targets the central area where the users can place a pot, kettle, pan or something similar. The positioned container then will be heated up and help you cook your food without power or fire.

More than one use case

The idea behind this design is great. Even if you’re not thinking about going to the beach or going camping, there are still many people in this world who have no access to electricity and would need to make a fire in order to cook their food. This can be dangerous and burdensome. Next to the danger you also need people collecting the firewood all the time. If you just let the sun do the job, you can save a lot of effort or money, in case you are buying the wood.

Dr. Caitlin Powers testing a SolSource prototype with a villager in Qinghai, China.

The mission statement of One Earth Designs reflects that as well. They aim “to design products that help people live sustainably within the resources of our One Earth.” One Earth Designs co-founder and CEO, Dr. Catlin Powers registered two patents for solar energy usage and received 15 international awards and distinctions for her scientific research in the clean energy space.

Options and prices

There are currently two options for this solution. One is the SolSource ($499) which is focused on power and “cooking anything” and the other is the SolSource Sport ($175) with a focus on portability and was made to “cook anywhere”.

Think this is a great innovation? Have any other feedback or thoughts? Please share your comments with us below!

YouTube: Cooking with the Sun and SolSource

Photo credit: One Earth Designs

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