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Competition Culture to Be Discontinued

Happy Birthday, TechAcute. You’re now four years old. Ever since the founding of this publication, I felt some bits of peer pressure to do an analysis of the competition. I haven’t done it. What is the mission here? Why are we writing articles and publishing them? The idea is to inform people, not educate, but entertain our community with information, facts, and even opinions at times.

There is no competition in informing people and exchanging information. Information is information, it doesn’t change depending on where you get it. Text, surrounding the data, may vary but it aims only to simplify the overall message but does not alter the same.

Get real – work together – build, don’t break

So why is competition discontinued? Actually, it always was for me. I feel that we live in times where we can work together with other individuals and organizations even if they do the same thing as you do. The community, the audience, the users, the customers, or however you address the people who visit your site or buy your product, they just want to have a good time – a good experience in their day. We live in times of experience and emotion. Nobody of them enjoys witnessing rivalry, they want to see grand gestures and inspiring actions.

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Competing with others isn’t noble, and it doesn’t inspire anyone. From my point of view, you can make a better impact when you’re working together with others. Befriend “the competition” not lay traps to make them look inferior to you or your company. Work together to build genuinely great interactions and valuable experiences for all. Think sports – there might be two teams, but without them playing, there’s no game.

But what about my money?

Of course, no company can run without money, but there are always opportunities that hit you without driving aggressive or even hostile strategies. Other companies who are doing work, similar to your work, build products, related to your products, or offer services, similar to the services you are offering, all help to increase industry awareness and highlight the importance of this particular field of activities.

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Perhaps you can’t apply this in every industry and profession that exists, but I feel that it possibly applies to many. Stay clear of rivalry. Appreciate “the others.” Create positive experiences that people can enjoy, so will your business partners. If you have no “competition” than you might be close to not having a market either. I announce competition to be discontinued and legacy.

Books that might interest you

Besides, I’d like to recommend these two interesting books, which are not directly on the subject but highly enjoyable, and I would like to invite you to discuss the matter and share your thoughts below in the comments. Many thanks for reading!

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