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CerbAir Shortlisted to Provide Anti-Drone Solutions for 2024 Olympics

Technology can help us a lot, but it can also harm us. When that advancement is used for malice, it can become difficult to counter. One such technological problem we currently face is the use of drones.

All sorts of drones can help with many tasks, including surveillance, videography, and photography, or maintenance. Over the years, drones went from being a piece of luxury tech to something accessible. They have become cheaper, easier to control, and, most of all, significantly smaller.

While this has resulted in amazing uses for this, it also made it easier to use drones to cause havoc. Even something as simple as flying in a restricted area such as an airport can cause mayhem. Such was the case of the rogue drone over Gatwick airport back in 2018, which disrupted more than 1,000 flights.

CerbAir to the rescue

Add a simple piece of tech such as a signal jammer to one of these drones, and you have a recipe for disaster. While some countries require drone pilots to be officially licensed, it is still relatively easy for one to acquire a drone without a license.

Need a low-tech solution? This company uses raptors to fetch rogue drones in mid-air.

A more reliable solution was needed for this problem, and CerbAir stepped up to the occasion. Once the public realized the threat of drones, CerbAir provided a solution by fighting tech with tech.

How it works

They use radio frequency technology that can detect drones and other forms of relevant air traffic without causing any interference to other networks. It recognizes the communication between the drone and the remote controller. The drone and its controller are then identified to ensure whether or not it is hostile or poses a threat. It then jams the communication signal between the drone and controller or triggers other relevant measures.

The CerbAir protection system can be portable or even carried in vehicle convoys, making it perfect for use in public events such as a football game at a large stadium. This, along with its reliability, has gotten CerbAir shortlisted to provide anti-drone solutions for the 2024 Olympic games due to be held in Paris. CerbAir has also been awarded at EIT Digital for its anti-drone solution. It is an extremely innovative solution to an equally intricate threat, and its astounding reliability and success are becoming a trademark of CerbAir.

YouTube: CerbAir – 3 Steps to Airspace Security

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