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Checking in About "Agents of Mayhem"

Volition, the developers of the popular Saint’s Row series have returned with a new open-world game. It’s called Agents of Mayhem, and from a first look, it feels like they mixed up some Saint’s Row ingredients with Sunset Overdrive and The Avengers.

Crazier than crazy?

In Agents of Mayhem, you’ll find a great collection of (anti-) heroes who band up to fight a gang of evil super villains. You can pick three characters, who will be controlled in third-person perspective, and then roam free in a futuristic version of the South Korean capital, Seoul. While you’re playing, you can switch through your three selected heroes depending on what kind of powers you currently need.

As you progress through the game, you will level up, gain experience points and learn new abilities. You will be able to get new gear and unlock new cosmetic skins for your team. Overall, Agents of Mayhem feels unreal. It’s a more like a comic game, but then, Saint’s Row as well, became increasingly unbelievable as you were voted POTUS, Aliens invaded earth, and you went through Hell (the actual Hell), to return one of your friends.

Missing multiplayer

Unfortunately, it seems like Volition did not build in a co-op mode for Agents of Mayhem. That could prove to be a bad decision later on. Many people who enjoy such features will not buy titles without the ability to play with others either online or via couch co-op at home. We tried to get info from Volition and publisher Deep Silver about the reasons for not including a multiplayer and are waiting for an answer.

The game is planned to be released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Release date in the North America is August 15, and European release date is August 18, 2017. If you grab the Day One Edition, you will also be provided with a playable Johnny Gat, who was a popular character in Saint’s Row games as well as 6 additional player skins and the Legal Action Pending DLC.

YouTube: AGENTS OF MAYHEM Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (PS4/XBOX ONE(PC) – Developer Demo (by MKIceAndFire)

Photo credit: Volition / Deep Silver

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