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Dual-screen smartphones have been around for quite some time, as the very first marketed was 2011’s European Kyocera Echo. With that being said, many phone users didn’t exactly see the need or appeal for smartphones to have multiple screens until recent years, as many well-known brands — such as Samsung, LG, and Microsoft — have released their very own dual-screen smartphones. However, not every phone user might wish to purchase a new luxury smartphone, or they might not wish to commit to a permanent secondary screen. With that in mind, CastAway Development Co. claims that it is now possible for every smartphone user to take full advantage of the dual-screen experience with their innovative phone cover — the CastAway case.

CastAway Case Dual Screen Smartphone Case Multitask

What is a CastAway case?

The CastAway case, invented by CastAway Development Co. CEO and Founder Ken Mages, exists as an ideal option for those who would like to experience a dual-screen phone’s benefits without purchasing an entirely new device. The Chicago-based company claims that their case will fit most Android and iOS smartphones, thus existing as the perfect additional phone screen. According to their crowdfunding page on Indiegogo, this case currently comes in four sizes (S/L/XL/Universal), however, the company’s open to suggestions for additional sizes in the future.

CastAway Case Dual Screen Smartphone Case keyboard

The WQVGA touchscreen on the CastAway case varies from 5.8″, 6.3″, and up to 6.9″ in size. With that being said, CastAway case users won’t only find themselves reaping the benefits of having an additional screen. CastAway Development Co. ensures that they’ve built their case for maximum productivity, as they’ve also included an SD card slot, built-in speakers, 2 cameras (2MP front-facing and 5MP back-facing), 35 WHr Li-Polymer battery, as well as a standard earphone jack into their slim 0.18kg case. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the case is also said to include its very own EMR stylus this way, CastAway case users can not only utilize the second screen as a fully-functional keyboard but write on it too. The case’s second screen’s functionalities remain limitless, as CastAway Development Co. states that it can also be used as a trackpad and game controller.

CastAway Case Dual Screen Smartphone Case play games game controller

How does it work?

One of the CastAway case’s outstanding features is that its additional screen is completely detachable, and it will continue to work independently even after it is removed from a user’s smartphone. Essentially, the case’s screen functions as a mini-tablet, as it operates on the most recent version of Chromium.  Instead of establishing a physical-wired connection, unlike marketed dual-screen devices, this case will link up to a smartphone via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and CastAway Development Co.’s app MultiTask+ instead.

CastAway Case Dual Screen Smartphone Case Wireless Connection

Available case modifications

CastAway Development Co. has big plans for their case’s concept as they’ve also created a multitude of other multi-purpose case add-ons. These modifications include the CoverCharge (a wireless charging pack), WalletMod (a cardholder), WalletCharge (a cardholder and wireless charger combo pack), Speaker, and the Game Controller. While the speaker and game controller case modifications remain as conceptual ideas for the brand, CastAway Development Co. promises that their CoverCharge and WalletMod options are fully-functional.

Project delays

Unfortunately, even though CastAway Development Co. managed to surpass their Indiegogo goal last December receiving $456,939 from a total of 2,233 backers the company has yet to distribute any of their 2,800 pre-sold units. A recent update from Mages addresses this delay, as he writes that the company is currently experiencing several issues. Some of these include the lack of production funds and their small Chinese factory’s loss due to the current pandemic. Mages also announced that the company has also kicked off a new crowdfunding campaign for the CastAway case on Fundable in his official update.

Despite the CastAway case’s innovative appeal, this dual-screen smartphone case still widely remains a great concept that currently lacks follow-through. One thing’s for certain, keen backers and fans will not be receiving their CastAway cases before the end of 2020.

Vimeo: CastAway Case

Photo credit: The images used are owned by CastAway Development Co. and have been provided for press usage.

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