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MARS: Lightgun Gaming Launches on PS4 and Xbox One

Remember the old times with the lightgun video games when we were kids? If you enjoyed playing those games, then this is great news for you and for all the lightgun gaming fans and players in general, who will be able to play MARS, an arcade-style point-and-shoot lightgun gaming system to play at home, designed for Xbox One & PlayStation 4, developed by PDP.

Who is PDP?

On their website they write, “The Advanced Gaming Platform R&D Team at Performance Designed Products (PDP), the team behind Disney Infinity and LEGO Dimensions, is responsible for bringing MARS to life. PDP draws from superior engineering capability and years of experience developing advanced technology.”

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You can now compete in couch co-op games with up to three of your friends in your living room, as it is compatible with moderns LCD and plasma screens. Okay, perhaps they don’t come with AAA titles but possibly it could revive a trend for gaming peripherals like back in the days. It might be nice, wouldn’t it?

Buying options

There are three MARS starter pack bundles to choose, the only difference between these bundles is the game that comes with it – Big Buck Hunter: Arcade, Qubit’s Quest or Voyage of the Dead. You can get any of these bundles for $99.99.

You can also find each game separately on Xbox One and PlayStation online stores for $19.99. Each bundle includes one MARS LIGHTCON (lightgun), one MARS IR STATION (camera) and a downloadable game.

Besides the bundles, you can also purchase additional LIGHTCONS for $29.99. These bundles are available to purchase at the Mars page and you can also find it on Amazon. What do you think about these? Make sure to drop a comment below if you want to share your thoughts.

YouTube: Ready. Aim. FUN! MARS brings back lightgun gaming on Xbox One and PS4

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