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Gaming with the Retro-Styled PB Tails Choc Controller

Controllers have become essential accessories in the world of gaming. With the advance of technology in next-gen consoles and the increasing range of their abilities, consoles and controllers alike have become a common household item for gaming enthusiasts.

Controllers can also be used with a wide variety of PC games for their ease of use and accessibility. However, despite their high demand, controllers seem to be neglected in terms of design and uniqueness. Sure, you can get them in different colors if you buy special editions of them, but they may not fit into your likings. PB Tails has developed their new Choc controller to give the retro-arcade gamers a massive nostalgia boost and suit their specific needs.

PB Tails CHOC Controller - Top View
Image: PB Tails

Sleek design for retro lovers

The PB Tails CHOC controller’s design is inspired by the arcade game Choc and has an edged design that looks sleek that gives off an arcade vibe. It is large enough to fit comfortably into a player’s hands while also being small and compact enough to be easily carried. The controller also comes in various color schemes, including Urban Steel, Drunk Rose, Toxic Frog, and Cyber Truck. These colors also further represent the arcade-design choice that PB Tails took with this controller.

Versatility, accessibility, and nostalgia

The PB Tails CHOC controller is extremely versatile, supporting various device connections, including PCs, Android devices, smart TVs, all Nintendo Switch models, and even Raspberry Pi. It uses a fast Bluetooth 5.0 connection which means there is low latency and can easily connect to most devices. The controller has six-axis motion control similar to PlayStation 4 controllers and has asymmetric vibrating motors for a more immersive gaming experience.

The PB Tails CHOC controller also has a special “Turbo” mode which automatically taps a specified button repeatedly. It also has a quick reconnect button to avoid long reconnection times. Simply press the home button once, and the device will connect to the nearest paired Bluetooth device.

PB Tails CHOC Controller - Nintendo Switch Controller
Image: PB Tails

The PB Tails CHOC controller is an interesting piece of gaming accessory for a retro-gaming enthusiast with a passion for arcade-styled minimalistic design. It takes what many third-party controllers do and improves upon them. The controller is a valuable addition for anyone with a Nintendo Switch due to its versatility and improved usability. It is also more comfortable compared to the Nintendo Switch controllers. The controllers are available for $39.99.

YouTube: PB Tails CHOC Game Controller

Photo credit: The images used are owned by PB Tails and were used with permission.

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