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Avoid Mindlessly Using Your Phone with Actuflow

Most of us don’t realize how much time we use our phones. Whether it’s for work, browsing through social media, or even playing games, using our phones has become a habit that can potentially make us unproductive. As a result, our tasks are left unfinished.

Actuflow, formerly known as Acture, is an app developed by Yaroslav Neznaradko to help you become mindful when using your device. He created this app to assist mobile phone users in understanding their purposes of using their devices by adding intentions to their screen time. By creating clear goals, you can decrease your screen time significantly. This way, the app can help you become more productive by letting you practice intentional phone usage.

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Reducing your device usage

Every time you unlock your phone, Actuflow will prompt you to state your intention. This way, you can “become aware” if using your phone at the moment is a need or not. If it’s the latter, then you can realize that you might only be wasting your time doodling on your device. Moreover, the app ensures that your data or usage remains private.

Apart from that, the app provides a selected period to accomplish your intention. For instance, you can set up 15 minutes on the intention form so that Actuflow will notify you after that period. If you’re able to follow your goal or intention, then you can mark it as successful. With this feature, you can understand your device usage as Actuflow also provides statistics on your activities.

Image: Actuflow

With Actuflow, you’ll know what consumes your time and whether you’ve achieved your intentions, helping you better manage your screen time. This can help you refocus on your priorities and be more productive. If you want to try it out yourself, the app is currently available for free on Android or iOS.

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Photo credits: The feature image has been taken by Juan Algar Carrascosa. All other images used are owned by Actuflow and have been provided for press usage.
Sources: ScienceDirect Yaroslav Neznaradko (Actuflow)

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