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Tools to Help You Improve Your Productivity

This year has shifted our perspective a lot in terms of what we consider to be normal. That includes our approach to work. Working from home has become the new mode of operation for many. It has its benefits, but there can also be new challenges. That is why organization and smart time management are more important than ever.

Depending on your nature, working from home can be a saving grace, or it can wreck your productivity levels. The coming challenges can be a mouthful to overcome, especially for those who are not used to them. Many remote workers will agree that it is not exactly simple to keep one’s focus sharp, especially when the only one responsible for your discipline is you. I think that procrastination has been increasing steadily over the years, which is hardly a surprise considering the accompanying rise of technology. Gadgets and being on social media – there are procrastination lures that surround us constantly.

Surely technology is not all bad. It provides us with the means to be incredibly efficient and helps balance work and leisure. How? Time management apps. While they won’t do the job for you, they can be of excellent value when it comes to getting your head in the right space to perform and ignore distractions. Think of them as helpers that will aid in the battle against procrastination. Here are some that you might want to try out for more fun and productivity.


It is well known that esports teams are on strict training regiments. If one wants to win, training diligently is a must in a highly competitive environment. While gamers need to prioritize discipline into their schedule, it also works the other way around. By using Habitica, you can bring gaming into your schedule and help your productivity. The app makes task managing as game-like as possible, thereby combining a fun factor with consistency and good habits. Organizing tasks is made out to be similar to an RPG game experience, and it is a fun time management method that is well worth checking out.


When working at your own pace, it is not always easy to wake up at a strict time. The snooze button can be very attractive. If you are a heavy sleeper, then Kiwake might be the right alarm clock for you. It does not shut down until you complete a series of small challenges and mini-games.

Those are my productivity favorites as of now, but you can also check the video below, by Thomas Frank, to find out more ways to address this problem.

YouTube: Timeboxing – Elon Musk’s Time Management Method

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