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April Koh Shares ‘Perfect Age’ to Found a Startup [Video]

Despite recent revelations that criticize the leadership of April Koh, she still managed to become the youngest startup founder ever to turn a company into a unicorn. Ironically, Spring Health was providing services to support their users with their mental health, while employees reported quitting because of mental health and well-being issues.

So, it’s clearly not all automatically gold, even if it sparkles like a unicorn. Leadership is more than scaling fast and heavy. Clearly, not everything done there at Spring Health might have been perfect. Still, at a recent Forbes event, April Koh did an interview with Alexandra Wilson about the “perfect age” to start a company, and the results might surprise you.

YouTube: Youngest Female Unicorn Founder Reveals ‘Perfect Age’ To Start Company

Photo credit: The feature image shows April Koh and is owned by Spring Health. It’s generic photo material and wasn’t taken at the referenced Forbes event.

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