Anchors Aweigh: A Dive into the World of ‘Ship of Fools’


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On 22nd November 2022, Team17 and Fika Productions released a cooperative roguelite game called Ship of Fools. The game is available on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam for PC. Players embark on a journey to counter “The Everlasting Storm” and the “Aquapocalypse”, accompanying the anthropomorphic Fools in their efforts to defeat monstrous leviathans and protect their ship, Stormstrider.

Ship of Fools - Screenshot 1
Image: Team17 / Fika

At first glimpse, one might think of games such as Overcooked or Moving Out but it’s a little different even though it still provides a similar kind of cooperative gameplay options. Let’s have a look at what makes this title special.

Setting and gameplay

Ship of Fools takes place in the rocky outcrops of the threatened homeland Archipelago. Players can either venture solo or join forces with a fellow Fool through online or local multiplayer modes. The game involves various challenges, such as repelling enemy boardings, maneuvering cannons on deck, and defending the ship from attacks. Multiple runs are required to navigate the treacherous waters and prevent the end of the world.

Ship of Fools - Screenshot 2
Image: Team17 / Fika

Character abilities and heirlooms

Each Fool in the game possesses a unique heirloom that grants passive abilities. For instance, Shelbie’s soothing shell enhances fire rates and projectile speed, while Finley’s hat provides a random reward every time they repair Stormstrider. These distinct abilities encourage players to explore different character combinations.

Awards and recognition

Ship of Fools has garnered recognition in the gaming industry, winning three MEGAMIGS awards in Canada for best audio and music, best art direction and artistic achievement, and best game design.

Ship of Fools - Screenshot 3
Image: Team17 / Fika

Key features

Some of the features in Ship of Fools include the following:

  1. Nautical combat – The game involves ship-based combat against large leviathans and creatures from the Archipelago’s deep waters.
  2. Cooperative gameplay – Ship of Fools is designed for cooperative play, allowing players to manage ship repairs, reload and maneuver cannons, and use paddles to fend off boarding enemies.
  3. Replayability – The game offers replay value through the ability to upgrade crew members, unlock items and additional Fools, and face ever-changing seas in an attempt to avert the “Aquapocalypse”.

Beyond that, you can also check out the new DLCs that they have been working on. If you’re already done with the main content of the game and are still loving it, installing the DLCs is a good way to keep things interesting.

In summary, Ship of Fools is a cooperative roguelite game that offers engaging gameplay and unique character abilities. With its intriguing setting and challenges, the game has already received industry recognition, reflecting its quality and appeal to gamers. Whether playing alone or with friends, Ship of Fools provides a fun experience as players navigate perilous waters and battle formidable adversaries to save their world. If there’s more pirate in you than a chef or mover, try this one out if it looks fun to you.

YouTube: Ship of Fools | Launch Trailer

Photo credit: The images are owned by Team17 and Fika.
Editorial notice: We received a copy of the game to test it.

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