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To-Do Lists in the Cloud: Amazon Brings Smart Sticky Note Printer

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Taking notes is pretty standard when there are too many things on your plate. Sticky notes are there to have your back if you ever happen to forget something. Just write it down on a notepad and stick it somewhere that will always grab your attention. It also helps you to keep track of important tasks.

Time has changed, and things are becoming digitalized day by day, including the humble sticky note. There are a lot of apps that help notetaking easier, but now you can have a sticky note printer to make your work easy. Amazon has been working to create the most effective way of taking sticky notes. Finally, they’ve created the Smart Sticky Note Printer associated with the Alexa voice assistant.

Sticky Note Printer
Image: Amazon

The Day 1 Edition concept

The Smart Sticky Note Printer is part of Amazon’s Day 1 Edition concepts. This program aims to make unique and creative products that pique the interests of customers. It is more like a crowdfunding model that Amazon works internally with some off-kilter ideas. On one hand, if they get enough response from people, they put it into production. On the other hand, if it fails to meet the goal, the pre-order becomes canceled.

The Smart Sticky Note Printer has been introduced from the unique Amazon Day 1 Edition concept. If it reaches its pre-order goal within a 30-days timeframe, they will build it, and the supporters are going to be the first to have it. The device was successful, and it met the pre-order goal in the first 3 days. Now that the pre-order is closed, the printer has enough pledges to head into production. For those who have placed an order, the shipping will begin between July to September.

The features

The Smart Sticky Note Printer works with Alexa, which allows users to easily give voice commands for making a note. Users can take quick notes hands-free and pair this device with a compatible Echo device to ask Alexa to print it. One other interesting feature of this printer is that it will never require any ink or toner because it is a thermal printer that supports Internet Printing Protocol (IPP).

Sticky Note Printer
Image: Amazon

The Smart Sticky Note Printer is a small box with 3.2″ height and 4.7″ width. One LED action button is set on the top of the box, and the power port is at the back. The inkless print head at the top cuts the note automatically. There is also an eject button on one side.

The setup procedure of the sticky note printer is easy. All you need is to power on, connect through Wi-Fi, say “Alexa, discover my printer,” and it’s ready to take notes. Pair-up must be done within 30-feet of the compatible Echo device or by using the Alexa App.

Initially, this Smart Sticky Note Printer comes with one yellow sticky paper roll. When this concept is built, the additional refills in blue, pink, and white will be available for purchase.

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