10 Great Note-Taking Apps for Both iOS and Android


Google Keep

When you’re on Android and working in the Google ecosystem, you might be drawn to use Google Keep for keeping and managing your notes. But even if you use it as a stand-alone solution, Keep does a great job by balancing functions and ease of use. The solution also has an equally useful browser version worth mentioning.

Note taking keeping apps android ios google keep


Microsoft OneNote

OneNote from Microsoft is the most fun if you’re already working in the Microsoft ecosystem. Especially when working in Office 365, using Microsoft OneNote makes a lot of sense not only for your personal notes but especially when sharing whole project boards to collaborate with others.

Note taking keeping apps android ios microsoft onenote


Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is the note-taking app that comes from the popular cloud file-sharing service Dropbox. You can use this solution even if you’re not making use of the file-sharing service but if you do, you might find the potential for integration to be a productivity workflow boost for what you’re doing.

Note taking keeping apps android ios dropbox paper app



The name already gives it away. Simplenote is an app with a focus on simple usage and keeping the function only to the basics. They let you enter text, images, switch to night-mode and that’s it in a nutshell. If you like simple apps, this one might be for you.

Note taking keeping apps android ios simplenote


Box Notes

The Box Notes solution used to be a separate app but has now been integrated into the Box app. For some, this might be an improvement but for people who only wanted to keep notes, this might mean that they now have to install a software which is significantly larger than what they were looking for.

Note taking keeping apps android ios box notes app



Now a Salesforce company, Quip offers a more professional function portfolio and user experience. You can keep track of your notes, create to-do lists, and with the business functions, you could even collaborate with your colleagues on documents and projects.

Note taking keeping apps android ios Quip



Everybody knows Evernote. Or don’t you? It’s the app with the elephant logo and just like elephants never seem to forget, so does this app. Evernote is close to becoming a generic term for digital note-keeping but over the years they got more and more complex and they also began to charge for some aspects of their service.

Note taking keeping apps android ios evernote


Zoho Notebook

The Notebook app from the Zoho office suite does a solid job at what you’d expect it to do. Without any major advantages or disadvantages, it’s up to your personal preference to use this one or not. Just like with some other note-keeping apps in this list, this one as well is more fun if you’re already working in the ecosystem of the maker.

Note taking keeping apps android ios zoho notebook


MyScript Nebo

The Nebo app from MyScript has a focus on capturing handwritten notes and sketches. While this might not be applicable and useful for all the note-taking app users out there, those who do seek to manage their pen-created notes might find MyScript Nebo very useful. While this app is readily available for Android phones and tablets alike, please note that the iOS version is only available for the iPad and not for the iPhone.

Note taking keeping apps android ios myscript nebo handwritten notes


Wrappup (Voicera A.I. Note Taker)

Note taking keeping apps android ios meeting minutes automatic transcription ai voicera wrappup agenda app

The Wrappup app is a little different than the other note-taking apps in this list. With a focus on professional use and capturing meeting minutes, Wrappup records voice input and does an automatic transcription of what was said in the meetings and even in a video conference. Please also note that this app has recently been acquired by Voicera so it’s not entirely clear what is going to happen with this in the future. As of now, it’s still available for download.


Photo credit: The feature image has been provided by MyScript for press usage.
Editorial notice: The listing is not ordered like a ranking.

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