7 Must-Have Gadgets for Programmers


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Programmers have fascinating jobs. But they are also challenging and require a lot of focus. Surrounding yourself with the best possible gadgets can increase productivity and keep you healthy. It doesn’t matter if you are working from home or the office – these will make your job easier and make you fall in love with coding all over again.

1. Laptop stand

Since most programmers work on laptops, having a good laptop stand is highly recommended. Besides giving you more space on your desk, a laptop stand will elevate the screen, making your neck and upper back feel way more comfortable.

Some laptops get overheated easily, so it is impossible to rest your hand on them or work as productively as you want. Once you place the laptop on a stand, the airflow will improve significantly, eliminating the possibility of overheating.

2. Comfortable chair

Programmers do spend a lot of time sitting in front of a screen. That can result in a variety of back and neck problems. Regular exercise can help with these issues. However, you need to tackle your seating situation first. Investing in a high-quality chair pays off in the long run.

So what should you look for when buying a chair? First of all, it needs to be adjustable. It means you should be able to customize it to your body. Secondly, ergonomic design is always welcome. Your new chair needs to have enough seating space, as well as a high backrest. Finally, check if your chair has an adjustable pillow for your lower back. This feature does wonders for chronic back pain.

3. Adjustable desk

If you want to add more activity into your daily routine, consider getting an adjustable standing desk. It can open up a world of possibilities while you code because you won’t be required to sit in a chair the whole time. Not moving for hours can lead to various health problems, including a compressed spine and high blood pressure.

Since an adjustable standing desk allows you to change positions throughout your workday, you can rest when you feel like it or work standing up. It might increase your productivity tremendously and make you more focused on tasks ahead.

4. Stationery

Sure, digital gadgets are all the rage now, but having stationery around your desk can be a lifesaver sometimes. You don’t have to grab your phone and open Notes to type in something. Instead, use a notepad that is right by your keyboard.

Additionally, organizing your work can be easy with the help of sticky notes. They are always there if you need to write down something quickly or have a revolutionary idea you have to memorize. You can stick them anywhere. There is no way of forgetting about an appointment or a meeting ever again!

5. Computer glasses

Staring at a screen for hours on end can lead to various eye problems. The list includes blurred vision, red eyes, eyestrain, and so on. It doesn’t matter if you are in your 20s or older than 40 because this issue can happen to all age groups. But is there a way to prevent this? The answer is computer glasses.

These look like your regular glasses but have several upgrades. For instance, some might have a slight tint to prevent the glare from your screen. However, most computer glasses have photochromic lenses that protect the eyes from blue light. Remember to always consult your eye doctor before getting computer glasses.

6. Mechanical keyboard

As you already know, programmers do a lot of typing every day. Therefore, using a comfortable keyboard that doesn’t make their fingers tired is necessary. Enter mechanical keyboards. They use switches for each key that are different from regular keyboards. This feature will turn you into an accurate typing machine.

Besides that, mechanical keyboards come in all shapes and forms. You can express your personality by building your custom keyboard. It allows you to pick and choose the keys you want. Not to forget that putting it together is satisfying and makes for a fun solo project to do in your spare time.

7. Streaming services

Speaking of spare time, programmers should have something to look forward to after a long day of coding. Having a subscription to a streaming service can make every evening feel fun and relaxing. Want to take it a step further? Try out streaming gadgets like Firestick. This remote-like device can turn your living room into a movie theater.

Remember that Firestick requires Wi-Fi to work. Therefore, it needs to be protected like all of your other gadgets. Consider using the best VPN for Firestick for the highest level of privacy. A VPN for Firestick will keep your search and history away from prying eyes. Plus, it can protect your whole home network.

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