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Scoutsee Launches Social Media Affiliate Marketing Platform

4-Aug, New York – Scoutsee now released their iOS app, intended for social media influencers to become affiliate marketers. Users can curate and comment a stream of their favorite products and the app turns their stream into a shop.

Posts that are then shared to social network platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter are then tagged with an unique link and if followers are to buy the products, the influencer will be compensated for their effort. Whether or not there will be an Android app or a browser-based access is currently unclear.

Screenshots from the iOS app

Leadership opinion

“The influencers on social networks are all targeted by ‘influencer networks’ and other middlemen to broker transactions for promoting a brand’s products.  Scoutsee enables the millions of influencers on Instagram to facilitate their own transactions, individually or directly with brands,” said Tom Kwon, co-founder and CEO of Scoutsee.  On Instagram, there are more than six million users with over 10,000 followers.

“It takes a lot of time and effort to build an honest and engaged following,” added Scoutsee CEO Tom Kwon.  “The best Scoutsee users don’t just push a product for money, rather, they offer advice on purchases that will add value to their Followers and build upon their loyalty. This symbiotic relationship between Influencers and their followers is the premise upon which Scoutsee was built.”

About Scoutsee

Scoutsee is the first affiliate marketing platform for social media.  It provides a mobile app and tools for anyone to make money for promoting products on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

YouTube: Scoutsee Overview Video

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Source: Matt Burke (Scoutsee)
Editorial notice: The “about text” was part of the press release by Scoutsee.

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