6 Jobs That Can Be Great Networking Opportunities


People say it all the time: it’s all about who you know. Personal connections are one of the best ways to find opportunities, so there’s strength in numbers.

But how can you reach out to so many different people in a short amount of time? With the right job, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re like many college students, you work at least part time to support yourself. Instead of signing up for grill duty at a restaurant, leverage your job into an opportunity to network. Here are six jobs that can increase your circle (and offer super flexible hours):

1. Across the Nation

As an ambassador at Across the Nation, you’ll polish up your sales skills working brand marketing events. Your clients could be a local small business or a large corporation, and you never know who you’ll meet. On top of the clients, you’ll meet new people at every event as you showcase your brand and will likely find extra time to shake hands once you’re duties are done for the day.

2. Rover

You never know what successful people in town may need help keeping their pups happy! Become a dog walker at Rover and spend more time in public parks and cafes, maybe even strolling down city streets frequented by big-business employees, rubbing elbows with whoever may be around. The great thing about dogs is that they make for an easy icebreaker — especially if you both have one.

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3. Lyft

Ridesharing is an awesome way to network. You never know who you could pick up, and since Lyft now offers a line option where multiple separate riders can share a car, your chances are amplified. You can work in the evenings to help downtown businessmen get home from work, or during the fast-paced lunch hour when many meetings take place.

4. FlexJobs

With thousands of job postings in just about every field imaginable, you can pick exactly what kind of firms you’ll work with. On FlexJobs you can get some extra experience working with software development pros or advertising experts. If you do a great job, they may even remember your name and refer you to another high-powered friend or call you the next time they need professional work done.

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5. Zirtual

Become a successful business person’s virtual assistant. With Zirtual you’ll help schedule meetings, keep up with social media, check emails, and plan business trips. The happier your boss is, the more likely you are to be remembered and referred once you’re post-grad.


By freelancing in your field, you can maximize your benefits. On Upwork you get experience, plus you’ll be working with pros who know what they’re doing. You’ll be able to meet important people from all different areas, all the while broadening your experience. Or you can try something totally different as a hobby and make the most of your connections there. Or all of the above!

Whatever job you choose, make the most of it. Working as a sales rep now can give you insight later on the kinds of things customers ask for, and you never know who will come shopping. Make yourself someone who’s impossible to forget, and you can make networking on the job easy.

About the Author

Erica Francis loves working with ReadyJob.org to teach young people how to get started in the job market. In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding, crocheting, and acting at her town’s community theater.

Photo credit: Ludmila Gutorova / Gazapics / Stapaw

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Guest Author
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