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5th Dimension Presents Their Sonic Frames During CES 2020

During CES 2020, a company called 5th Dimension presented the Sonic Frames and won the Innovation Awards Honoree. These smart glasses are one of many prototypes that entered the market in the last few years. However, what makes these glasses unique is their bone conduction technology that allows you to hear without putting anything in your ears.

The glasses not only are smart but they are stylish too. It comes with a combination of colors for the frame (white, black, or chocolate) and titanium finishes (natural and 5N pink gold). You can also choose between different lens’ styles: rectangular, round, jet, and butterfly. They are also customizable to be corrective or solar lenses.

Sonic Frames

Tech Specs 

The frame comes with a Li-ion battery that allows all-day use. It only weighs 36 grams and also waterproof to boot. It also has a 5.0 Bluetooth connection that’s compatible with both Android and iOS.

The touch surface on the right leg that allows gesture control is probably the most attractive feature here. This allows you to control your phone without having it nearby. Aside from that, they offer a mobile app that collects your hearing data and adjusts the frequencies of the sound to fit your needs.

Sonic Frames

The next AR smart glasses?

In contrast with other smart glasses or headsets in the market, the Sonic Frames don’t seek to create augmented reality technology. They are seeking to improve the communication industry, creating an augmented communication experience. They describe their glasses as “the heir of traditional eyewear know-how and to lead the path to the future of the industry.”  

Overall, these smart glasses are similar in concept to a smartwatch. They allow you to control your phone through a Bluetooth connection. You can answer calls or messages using your voice, use GPS services, or do online searches – and all this hands-free. As an accessory, the lenses are customizable from shape to swappable nose pads.

The Sonic Frames are a game-changer in terms of how we may view and communicate with the world in the future. For now, it’s not yet out in the market but you can sign up and subscribe to their newsletter to know when they’ll release this product.

Photo credits: The images used are owned by 5th Dimension and were provided for press usage.
Sources: Universal Glasses / CES2020

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