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Huawei Is Filing for a Patent That Will Kill Two Birds with One Smartwatch

Chinese company Huawei has recently filed for a new patent – that of a very special smartwatch. While the hype of the wearable smart devices has died down quite a bit in the last few years, this new model looks like it could really change things up for the better.

More specifically, this new watch will solve a very inconvenient issue – namely, where to put Bluetooth headphones when they are not in use. Since Apple removed the headphone jack from its devices, users were forced to come up with inventive and sometimes inconvenient storage solutions for their earbuds.

Huawei Smartwatch Concept Holds Bluetooth Earbuds Patent Technical Drawing 1_compressedSmartwatch design that comes with earbud storage

Huawei’s new smartwatch offers built-in storage for the two small earpieces. To be more precise, where ordinary watches have two lugs that connect the case to the strap or wristband, this new model will have two gaps that allow users to safely and securely store their headphones. This is perfect if you want to avoid having to rummage in your bag, and means they’re instantly available. The two spots allow for easy removal and replacement of the Bluetooth headset – at least if the finished product manages to match the patent application.

If you are already planning to get one of these nifty little devices when they come out, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait quite a bit longer. At the moment, there is no formal statement or announcement for the new project yet. Despite still being in the earliest stages possible though, this new smart device is set to change the game. Of course, there’s a good chance that the Huawei FreeBuds will fit in here just perfectly.

While many weren’t excited about the announcement that earbuds were going wireless, the lack of a viable storage solution is what really made it sting. People started losing the individual earbuds within days of getting them, and yet, it seemed like there was no relief in sight. Considering there are some fairly ample costs involved when buying new sets as well, the situation is far from ideal.

Huawei Smartwatch Concept Holds Bluetooth Earbuds Patent Technical Drawing 2_compressedPicking up problems, delivering solutions

Now, quite sometime later, Huawei may finally have found a practical solution. While there are likely still some skeptics out there, the general impression is that this will be a significant step forward. Combining a smartwatch with earphone storage gives wearers multiple benefits and opens up the market when it comes to user choice.

Firstly, Huawei is known for creating affordable high-spec hardware, meaning that their new smartwatch is likely to follow that trend. Those that have been out-priced or over-charged for a decent smartwatch before, will now be able to enter the market and actually have their own. Secondly, while smartwatches aren’t the newest trend anymore, they are still useful tools and popular with many.

As the technology of them evolves and more apps are created, they are beginning to see a comeback. Finally, the practical and (potentially) stylish storage solution for the earbuds could be a game changer for owners of wireless earbuds, who have been struggling up until now to find a good way to store and carry them while on the move.

Photo credit: The feature image is a collage made of Huawei product shots. The technical drawings are sourced from the patent file.
Source: H/t to Ilse Jurrien from LetsGoDigital for sharing the patent file.

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