5 Survival Mobile Games to Pass Time


I never really realized I was a survival game junkie until I looked at my installation history. Whether it may be a stranded survival or a post-apocalyptic one, I’ve got them all. These games take a lot of your time and all of them can be played offline. So here are 5 survival mobile games if you ever get bored wherever.


Survive Game

I’m not kidding that’s the actual title of the game. It is a wilderness survival game that immerses you in the gameplay with sounds. It was made by Juuso Hietalahti and has more than 5 million downloads on the Google Play store. It’s a fairly simple game where you choose wisely on how to spend your time and energy in every day.

You collect resources and craft new items to help you get out of the harsh environment you are in. It isn’t really a long game but you can try different difficulties or the online feature to step up your survival game. The first time I played this game it was absolutely very plain, but I still loved it. I am so proud of the developments this game has gone through.

Alive in Shelter

All in the shelter game

Ever heard of the game 60 seconds? Well, this is a pixelated, free, mobile version of it. This game was made by Wojciech Zomkowski (pokulan) and currently has a rating of 4.4 on the Play store. You go around the house and collect items as well as your family members before the nuclear bombs come.

After that, you stay in your shelter and try to keep your resources and items to last. You can also go out your shelter to explore and meet other characters. Same with the last game, I used to play this when it was still very simple and now it really makes me happy to see how much the game has improved.

Sit ‘N Survive

Sit n Survive Game

It absolutely stunned me to find out that this game was made by the one and only Five Nights at Freddy’s creator, Scott Cawthon before his career skyrocketed with FNAF. This is a very simple, cute, and colorful game of surviving while sitting. (Just as the title suggests.)

Every day you get a certain budget to buy stuff and get through the days. At first there will only be bugs and rain which you have to buy equipment to save your health from. But as time goes buy there will be lightning, bats, zombies, etc. that just makes your job much harder.

Day R Survival

Day R Survival

This post-nuclear USSR survival game currently has over 1 million downloads and a 4.5 rating on the app store. It was created by Russian game developer tltGames.

This is much more immersive than the above games as you actually travel to different places and follow the story of the main character. This game is a bit more complex as you have quests, more items, and more obstacles to deal with.

Tinker Island

Tinker Island Survival Game

Now, this is my personal favorite. I have played all of these games but this is the only that has stuck with me throughout this whole time. Tinker Island was made by Kongregate and is by far the top rated out of all these games with a 4.6 on Play store. This is a much more colorful and playful take on the survival genre. You get shipwrecked and try to survive with everything in the form of cards.

At first you think it’s just a simple survival game where you forage for resources and create new equipment. But as you get deeper into the game, many mysteries and characters come to life that will drive you crazy and wondering how all of this came to be. At the start, it will be a game that takes up a lot of your time but once you progress it will become a game that you come back to once every few hours. You should definitely check this one out!

Most of the games stated above are indie games so please support them and try out these games for yourself. Make a comment down below and tell me your favorite survival mobile games!

Photo credit: Conrad Allen 

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Ela Denise Buendia
Ela Denise Buendia
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