40 Companies That (Want to) Disrupt the Sleep Market


We are spending about a third of our life sleeping in our bed. For good nights, that means about 6-8 hours, throughout our life. Whether we are feeling healthy, happy, and fit, largely relates to our sleeping experience. If we sleep on a mattress that isn’t made for our bodies, this can have a negative effect on how we feel and on the long-term, this can negatively affect our health as well.

Sleep is a key aspect of our life

The importance of good sleep is advocated by a variety of well-known figures. For instance, Arianna Huffington is an activist and entrepreneur trying to help people to improve their sleeping experience. Jeff Iliff as well shares the reasons why we should get a good night’s sleep during a TED Talk event.

There are some innovators and pioneers who are trying to improve how we sleep. They want us to purchase their solutions and in exchange, you’re promised to sleep better or be more healthy. Not every solution works for everybody but there are a few companies in the “sleep market”, that are currently soaring.

Here’s a categorized list of 40 companies who participate in this sleep and well-being market:

Apps and software

Beds and mattresses

Consumer devices and gadgets

E-commerce and content

Wearables (sleep masks)

Medical Tech

Baby Tech

Mysterious players

Most certainly you will recognize some of these from their extensive advertising campaigns and news features. Some of them have even been featured on TechAcute before they got this popular.

This market involves consumer gadgets, medical devices, software and other segments. We notice little to no decline and consider this from moving out of luxury into mainstream consumer segmentation soon, as the demand increases further.

Know more companies with a focus on making you sleep better? Share them with us below in the comment section!

Photo credit: Lillie Kate

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