3 Social Networks Worth Looking Into


Trying to connect with others is a common instinct people have as socially inclined creatures. Currently, there is a rising number of people using and signing up for social media platforms.

Nowadays it’s common to have multiple social media accounts that cater to your needs and throughout the years they have become very popular. However, there are some that go almost unnoticed. Here, we bring you some of these social media sites that you might want to check out.

We Heart It

Instagram lets you consume image and video-based media, but there are others out there like it. We Heart It is one of those sites. Here, users can discover and add their favorite images into their collections. There are many channels on the platform including art, cars, college, fashion, and more. Users can explore the channels for relevant images to get inspired.


Previously known as TapeBook, TapeReal is an iOS social platform where you can record and take part only through short audio and video recordings, or “tapes” if you will. It’s like social podcasting but with a video twist. People have been sharing their talents, teaching skills, and also travel stories. The community can watch the content that is published on the TapeFeed. Users can add content recording solo or recording conversations with friends.

Based on their blog, TapeReal is working on creator monetization. Which in fact, will attract more influencers from YouTube and Instagram. In other words, This platform has a big chance to become popular among other social media networks.


Meetup is a social media site where users connect with local groups to meet up with new people. The platform divides groups into a wide range of categories such as music, tech, language and culture, and more. Users also can organize events to get together with like-minded people.

While it’s good to have your own page in all of the popular social media sites, there’s also a lot of competition on those sites as well. If you’re looking to make something for yourself with social media, it would be best to diversify in platforms as well. Other sites such as the We Heart It, TapeReal, and Meetup can help expand your network. But more than that, you can also build better connections with like-minded individuals when you explore these sites.

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by S O C I A L . C U T.
Sources: Grace Diamante (TapeReal Blog)

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