Millennials, the 21st Century, and Social Media


It is widely known that technology is an issue among teenagers of this generation. Parents worry about their children and take preventive measures to make sure their children don’t become addicted to gadgets. Although, let’s look at the deeper problem within the scope of technology: social media.

Social media nowadays is somehow becoming a necessity; not only to teenagers but also adults are getting engulfed by the interesting features that this technology has to offer. Now, why is social media so important in the 21st Century?

Innovation is widespread and is always a challenge to entrepreneurs. This directly affects us as we are not able to live our lives fast-paced like everyone else. If you wait for the newspaper, you’ll be late on “current” events rather than if you just log onto Facebook or Twitter and see what the top or trending news are. It’s instantaneous!


A lot of people think that communicating on social media is actually being sociable. But hiding behind our screens has actually developed a mentality of humans being afraid of direct contact with other people. Teenagers choose to stay on their phones and post pictures of what is happening around them, rather than actually engaging in the said event.

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Cyber-bullying is also rampant and has caused deaths around the globe. Social media has given strength to oppressors to affect our everyday lives directly.


Apart from the convenience, it offers through messaging, posting, catching up, etc. Social media has also become a place for empowerment. A lot of people tend to seek help from social media sites to spread awareness on certain issues such as the LGBTQ community, fighting for women’s rights, domestic abuse, and countless more. People who don’t even know each other in person feel connected in some way when fighting for the same cause and I think that is beautiful.

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Social media also made the life of businesses easier. It is simpler to reach clients nowadays through advertising and raffles on social media. Communication among a huge market is also convenient. You can read this article to see more uses of social media to businesses.


To sum it all up, we most definitely shouldn’t avoid the use of technology and social media. Yes, it can have very damaging consequences if used too easy-going, but it has an equally important role in our generation. Avoiding the problem doesn’t actually help anyone. Going to the root of the problem and working through to find a solution will most definitely have a positive impact on the people affected. So I say, don’t teach kids that social media is bad, teach them how to use social media properly.

Make sure to leave a comment down below and tell me what you think about this timely issue.

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