10 Interesting Founders to Follow on Twitter


Thought-Forgers, Idea-Smiths, Feedback-Junkies, Inspiration-Farmers, Movers, Builders and Change-Enforcers – All these terms come to my mind when I think of Founders. People who believe in their idea and don’t stop until it stands and until they can broadcast their message across the globe.


In this article I don’t want to present a ranking nor comparison. I just would like to display to you a few individuals who are changing our world day by day – or are yet to change it. I have encountered all these Founders on Twitter and found their feed very interesting. Not to copy them and also be a founder but just for the way how they see the world. That is why I bring to you today these 10 very interesting founders or co-founders that are active and engaging on Twitter.

Check them out, be nice and have fun.

Julia Lazaro

Julia-Lazaro-Profile-Shot-PhotoJulia is Co-Founder and CPO at Task36 in Berlin. Even though not much is disclosed as of now, Task36 tries to remove time-consuming and weary bits from your project management or task management with the focus on all the SMEs in this world. If you want to keep track of their work, visit their homepage and sign up for the chance to be a beta tester of their solution.

Cevat Yerli

Cevat-Yerli-Profile-Shot-PhotoCevat is Founder, CEO and President of Crytek in Frankfurt (just around the corner for me). Crytek is a video game developer for games that belong at the top of the shelves. They have worked on games like Far Cry, Crysis and Ryse: Son of Rome and I am no stranger to those to be honest. With their own game engine called CryENGINE, they are continuously pushing to achieve excellence in virtual visuals and physics to entertain the masses since 1999.

Belle Beth Cooper

Belle-Beth-Cooper-Profile-Shot-PhotoBelle is Co-Founder of Hello Code in Melbourne. Big Data and Infographics for your own life? Hello Code visualizes data about your life and helps you understand the hidden connections. Allowing their “Exist” app to fetch data from other services you use, they prepare you insight on curious and interesting pieces, that you did not think of yourself. Check out their webpage and sign up for early access to the app.

Robert M. Drury

Robert-M-Drury-Profile-Shot-PhotoRobert is Founder, Creative Director and CEO at Napkin Sketch in Los Angeles. Napkin Sketch is a collective of individuals that assists you with the design, creation and improvement of structure and space. It goes without saying that they are far more than “napkin sketches” and should be considered as your advisor around architectural matters in any industry and sector.

Shayn Baron

Shayn-Baron-Profile-Shot-PhotoShayn hails from Las Vegas and is Founder of Crocagile. When Project Management Crocodiles meet Scrum and Agile methodologies they might find Crocagile to be a suitable solution for their needs. With a sleek design, built-in collaboration and communication tools Crocagile provides you with an interesting toolset to work on all types of projects.

Axel Morgner

Axel-Morgner-Profile-Shot-PhotoAxel is Founder of Structr and is located in Frankfurt (hey, another one close by). Structr is an open-source CMS and web application framework based on Java Neo4j. Okay let’s just pretend there’s a non-techie person here for a second – what does Structr do? They provide you with technology for visualizing data sets and have them rendered in real-time to build it into your own solution.

Cheryl Lawson

Cheryl-Lawson-Profile-Shot-PhotoCheryl is the Founder of SMTulsa, a very active Social Media practitioner group in Tulsa. They are holding conferences with a lot of interesting speakers every year to share their experiences, thoughts and news around how social media can be utilized. These conferences can also be sponsored, so if you are an organization looking for such opportunities you should have a close look. SMTulsa is a great example on how engagement can develope.

Xavier Butte

xavier-butte-Profile-Shot-PhotoXavier is Co-Founder at EiQ, an innovation consulting firm in Columbus. In a time where innovation is one of the most important aspects of your competitive edge, EiQ helps organizations, teams and individuals to find a way into innovative working with face-to-face consulting, group workshops, speeches for many and other services. I adapted innovation as a core of my professional life already and can confirm that it is now more relevant than ever. Have you?

Tomi Paajanen

Tomi-Paajanen-Profile-Shot-PhotoTomi is Co-Founder and Vice President at Valota, a Finnish company based in Espoo. Valota focuses on smart Digital Signage solutions that support your business communication. In order to drive customer growth, innovation and productivity while optimizing operational efficiency they utilize their own strategy called the Valota 360™ approach to maximize the business value impact.

Christopher Jaynes

Christopher-Jaynes-Profile-Shot-PhotoChristopher is Founder and CTO of Mersive in Denver. Following an academic research funded by DARPA, DHS and NSF about display management, Mersive was founded in 2006 and ever since transforming hardware challenges into software solutions. A few highlights among the features are the fact that proprietary hardware is not required and that you are able to collaborate simultaneously across platforms  such as Windows, Android, OSX and iOS.


Of course these are not all the interesting Founders you can find on Twitter but this is my selection for today. If you have suggestions for other good candidates, please feel free to tell, us using the comments section below.

And dear Founders, in case I really badly misinterpreted something here, please also just reach out to me and advise of it.

Oh and before I forget it, yes I am also on Twitter. Even though I am no Founder (yet?!?) feel free to reach out and engage anytime.  I’ll see you there!

Feature image by Jorge Quinteros

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