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10 Apps to Help Students Plan Their Time and Be More Productive

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Are you tired of planning a day in phone notes in the form of a “to-do list”? We share ten convenient applications that will help not only to do everything in time but also to develop practical habits. These apps are great for busy people, and especially students. Proper planning helps to stay focused and avoid useless distractions resulting in more free time and better results. Some students also prefer to buy term paper to save some time. This way, they can spend more time on other courses and their hobbies.

Mindly (mind mapping)

Android | iOS

The application helps to keep notes, create projects, prepare for speeches, and a lot more. Create a visual map, apply text notes and images, and organize data by building a hierarchy of elements, decorating schemes, etc.

Mindly helps to visualize and organize ideas. But don’t worry that someone will get into your “Universe” – you can enter the application with a password. So-called mental maps can be stored in the cloud and converted to PDF, OPML, or text.

Microsoft Whiteboard

Android | iOS

Everything is clear from the name. You can put handwritten notes on a white canvas with a pen or marker, attach images and stickers. It turns out something like a collage. Ideas can be developed together with someone. You just need to open access to the project to the necessary accounts.

It’s oftentimes already installed on Windows machines, making this comfortable to be used to collaborate with others in real-time. It excels on large systems like the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S but it also works fine on other devices of course.


Android | iOS

The Forest application, more like a game, is designed for those who are constantly distracted by phone notifications and cannot concentrate on essential things. What is the point?

Within half an hour, the user grows a tree, any touch to the screen will lead to the death of the plant. This app is great to use when you do not want to be distracted, for example, when preparing a student assignment or filling in a customer feedback survey online. It can also be used for kids when doing homework.


Android | iOS

Thanks to the application, you can perform specific tasks effortlessly. Habitica is a universe of fairy-tale heroes. Do you want to level up your character? Get a reward. Bonus points can be earned only for completed tasks. On the contrary, a fine is provided for unclosed tasks.

Introduce new habits (like reading 20 pages of fiction every day or learning five new foreign words), and the app will help you track your progress.


Android (APK file) | iOS

Pomotodo identifies your most able-bodied hours and days and then distributes the load in such a way that you do not get tired: it takes time both to complete tasks and to rest. The task of the application is to help “get into a rut” and, as a result, do more work, but in fewer hours.

The set of tools is relatively concise: hashtags (each for a separate project), prioritization and sorting of tasks and subtasks, reminders and repetitions, etc. The application can be downloaded to a smartphone or PC and installed as an extension for the Google Chrome browser.


Android | iOS

The organizer allows you to plan your business and also, thanks to timely notifications, to comply with deadlines. For example, if you add the task “Visit a tutor every second Thursday at 6 pm” to the project, the system will understand that we are talking about 18:00 and a one-time action in two weeks, and therefore will remind you of your plans in advance.

This scheme can also be used to form persistent habits: for example, add the task “Drink a glass of water every 3 hours”. Todoist can also be used to work in a group. The application allows you to delegate tasks or track the productivity of one user against the background of others.


Android | iOS

The app called aTimeLogger helps you track the dynamics of your actions, as well as recognize the so-called “killers” of time (like flipping through an Instagram feed or an online catalog of goods without special needs).

All you need to do is enter data about your classes daily. In response, the service will make a detailed report (for a week, month, etc.) in the form of charts and graphs about what your time is mainly spent on. A nice bonus is compatibility with Android Wear smartwatches.

Plan – Organize your Life


The Plan web application allows you to plan not only a day but also weeks, months. Every day there is a new agenda. The user can analyze which of the tasks were completed and which were not. Non-trivial tools include a timeline constructor and a news feed (for interests and discussions, as well as for group projects). So far, the mobile version of the application is provided only for iOS.

Focuster – Focus management for entrepreneurs


Focuster is a controller of your time that identifies and eliminates distractions, as well as sets priorities. In turn, reminders that will appear throughout the day will help not to relax and focus on the main goals. However, the web application can be used both for yourself personally and for working in a team.

Focuster developers have provided a 2-week free version. Then (for permanent use), you will have to make a payment once a month in the amount of almost $10 for standard and $20 for advanced functionality.

FocusList: Focus Timer


The application helps to develop concentration to perform certain tasks. However, only holders of Apple equipment can use the utility. Install FocusList on your iPhone or Mac, set tasks for the day, and schedule. In turn, the Apple Watch will signal when to start and finish the task, as well as to pause.

FocusList not only develops self-discipline but also analyzes your productivity, gives a forecast for the fulfillment of both immediate and long-term goals.

All in all

Is it not possible to establish effective time management? Unload your training tasks by entrusting this care to apps, and try to start all over again. Why do it yourself if we have so many apps to aid us?

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Mirko Vitali.

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