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Mindly Helps You Organize Your Thoughts and More

Sometimes we need outside help in organizing our thoughts, ideas, plans, etc. Thankfully, we live in a time when technology can give us plenty of options to do so. However, not all solutions are ideal.

Some are better than others in what they do, which is why we have tested one of the new productivity apps available on the market. It’s called Mindly and is the brainchild of the Finnish mobile app development company dripgrind.

Create eye-catching mind maps

Mindly is a productivity and mind mapping app that helps you structure your thoughts, capture your ideas, plan an important speech or take notes. It is a rather straightforward and user-friendly app right from the installation stage that immediately provides you with a visual how-to guide, created using the app itself. This guide contains all you need to know about the app’s use and functions, while simultaneously offering the chance to test it.

The interface is extremely simple to understand. Every thought or element you add in the system is in the form of a circle that is connected to the outside circles that are connected to more outside circles, and so on. This builds a perfect visual representation of your brainstorming ideas, thoughts, or whatever you need. The ideas become easily accessible, movable, erasable, customizable, etc. In addition to entering text, you can assign a different color and/or icon to each thought circle.

The app also offers Dropbox integration, where all your documents created with Mindly can be safely and permanently stored. You can share your mind map with other Mindly users or save it as a pdf document. The document can also be shared across multiple platforms. The most recent update has incorporated an in-app help desk with answers for frequently asked questions.

Free vs. premium

The features that have been mentioned so far are all available for free. If you like the app and want more, the premium version costs $5.54. The premium version comes with an unlimited amount of customization elements. It also has a search option and password protection, as well as image, text, and OPML export options.

You can get the Mindly app for iOS 9.0 iPhone and iPad, Android 5.0 phones and tablets, as well as Mac OS X 10.11 laptops and desktops (or later versions of said platforms).

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Photo credits: All images used are owned by dripgrind and were provided for press usage.

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